December 23, 2006

Take a moment

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Look in the mirror. Smile, wink and poke out your tongue.

Note that you have seductive eyes or cute dimples when you smile.

Know that, despite that pimple/freckle/wrinkle, you love the person who is looking back.

Take a moment, just one, to think about what it is about you that makes you, you.

That makes you special.

Remember that time he broke your heart and laugh at how you over-exaggerated.

Lie on the grass/carpet/floorboards and look around.

Know that this will be the only time you’ll ever experience this moment, and live it. Love it.

Stop disliking, hating, looking for the negatives.

Have coffee with three sugars or buy flowers just for you.

Hold your own hand.

Hold your head high.

Know that you are who you are and that will never change.


June 25, 2006

My Attempt At Poetry

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I don't know why you'd say that-

As if you didn't care.

I don't know why you'd act this way-

After all that we have shared.

Have I done something wrong?

Have I said what's not the truth?

Have I betrayed your secrets,

Because to me, you have done both.

My mind is racing, my palms are sweaty,

I'm not sure what to think.

I've known you for so long now,

But this has brought me to the brink.

I'm not sure I really understand,

It's hard for me to see,

What on earth have I done to deserve this?

What? I ask, Tell me!

If you can't tell me what is wrong,

If you cannot be honest,

Then how am I to trust you, ever?

Is this the end of us?

The things you have said lately,

The little things you've done,

Ensure a harder future,

And this means you're not the one.

So as our friendship fades away,

You don't even say goodbye.

And as we go our separate ways,

I ask myself, still, why?

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