July 15, 2006


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I want to tell you about a woman I know. By know, I mean, I have never actually met her, but I still think of her as one of my major role models. Sandra took me in back in March, when I first started my blog. She kinda put my blog out there to her kids, her “adopted” kids, and just to the randoms who come across her site. She gives me encouragement, picks me up in my moments of self-doubt, guides me when I’m feeling lost. I never imagined, ever, that I could feel so close to someone who lives on the other side of the world. To someone I have never met. You see, Sandra, she’s like my Mum. My adopted Mum, of course. She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s not afraid to tell it just how it is. I have grown so attatched to her over the past few months, I get quite worried when she hasn’t posted in a few days. I don’t remember the last time I had so much respect for a person. Sandra- You mean so much it is almost hard to say. Don’t you ever drop dead on me, woman!


June 24, 2006

My stalker-obsession with Jon.

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I would like to say something about Jon. Just a little something, partly because I am really hungry and plan to stuff my face in the next 5 minutes, and partly because I do not know shit about him. Now, I don't usually post about other bloggers, and I thought I'd try something new.

Ok. One day, when exeptionally bored and kida tired, I began to surf through the "tags" bit of I found a post called- You are not a punk, shut the fuck up. I laughed. I really like aggressive people, so I clicked on the link and found his blog page. I have checked it every day since.

I really hope Jon doesn't read this because I believe I will end up sounding like an obsessed weirdo who stalks other people on the internet, instead of the admiring way I am aiming to write this. The point is, I think Jon is funny. And really observative. He could make a joke about anything, even in the most awkward of situations.

I guess that is why I like his blog so much. I like funny people. My best friend is funny- and I mean funny. Every day I spend with her she has me in tears. My boyfreind is funny. Stupid funny, but funny all the same. Funny people are like a magnet for me. I guess I'm kinda drawn to them.

Anyway, back to the reason I began this post (OMG soooo hungry). I reckon Jon is cool. And I'm really glad I found his blog.

And Jon- If you read this and think I'm a freak, fuck you in the neck with a slice of toast (mmmm… Oh yeah guys- I'm eating toast. Get it?)

June 12, 2006

You’re all geeks and freaks. :)

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I'd just like to point something out. Okay, looking through the "tags" section of WordPress, I randomly click on peoples' blogs (which is how I found Sandra, Jon, and countless others). Well, it seems to me that everyone (over-exaggeration) who owns a blog here is a nerd. I meant that as a form of endearment. See, Mark is a technical-something-or-rather with a degree in God-knows-what, Mr Angry works in some sort of thing involving technology, and Jon is just a geek. 🙂 Which is why I love you lot all the more. The point is, they're nerds, or freaks, talking about diabetes cures but too stingy to pay for a real site. 🙂 I however, like to write. I'm sure there are a bunch of people with blogs for this reason, but I DONT CARE. We are talking about me here, people. I started this blog cozI got sick of writing Journal entries to myself. And it's the best thing I've ever done. 🙂

May 17, 2006


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I don't know if you've noticed or not, as it's very small, but I've renamed my blog "sundog". I'm not sure if many (or any) of you know the meaning of this term, so I thought I'd enlighten you. A "Sundog" is a half-formed rainbow. I read a book by the same name a couple of months ago, and it kinda stuck with me. It sort-of describes, metaphoricly, at least, the transition I'm going through- from kid to adult. The thought of being a twenty-sometghing with a boyfriend and a full-time job frightens me a little, and I guess that having a term that describes it so well as "Sundog" does, makes me feel a helluva lot better. 🙂 xx chick

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