October 11, 2007

Human not-so Kind

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We’re quite uncivilized, aren’t we? The human race. We’re the most evolved, top of the food chain, the most advanced life form that we know of.

And yet, we’re becoming… well, appalling. The once clear-cut line between what’s right and what’s wrong has become blurred- repeat offenders get off scott-free, while innocent people suffer and taxpayers lose money to insane government schemes…

It’s nobodies fault. Not really. Times change. The conservatives are “old-fashioned” but forward thinkers are “hippies” and “yobbos”- you’ve got hard workers who are “job obsessed” and those who take a more laid-back approach are “doll bludgers”… I think it all comes down to our complete inability to strike a balance.

I’m by no means a role model. Not that I should be expected to be, at this time in my life.

A state of equilibrium is hard to find. We work hard, so as to provide for the here and now, as well as saving for a future that may never come. We’re told to relax more and so spend months and months of painful budgeting and stressful hours of phone calls trying to plan “relaxing” holidays…

The world is getting worse by the day. Australia is probably the best country in the world and our daily news is littered with the wrongdoings of our fellow Aussies, of our politicians, of our government… There are traffic collisions every other moment, deaths left right and centre, murders, rapes… I’m not saying these things weren’t happening twenty years ago, but now… it’s gone from bad to worse. I’d hate to think of the poor Iraqi people and what they’re going through, or the Americans with constant shootings and bad TV…

I just don’t have that much faith in human kind anymore. I can’t trust my neighbors, the girls I live with, the people I meet at the bus stop… I don’t like the world as it is, and yet, we’re all powerless to stop it.

I only wish I was around in the 80s… those would’ve been the days, right?


June 18, 2007

Just a thought…

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To the woman at the doctors surgery who took far too much blood and left me with a big nasty bruise resembling that of a drugs addicts…

Fuck you in the neck with a bloody syringe.

April 20, 2007

It’s ridiculous.

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It makes me mad how much the kids here miss out. On everything. At school in the city last term, particularly in Maths, it really hit home how much I’d missed out on. I’ll never forget the look of pity that teacher gave me. We were doing right angles- something the rest of the state had learned at the very beginning of last year. I’d never seen a right angle in my life. I told her so, and she stared. Stared. In disbelief. At first I thought she was going to laugh- a hint of a smile traced across her lips, until she saw the “I’m actually not joking” look I gave her. Then her stare turned to cold pity. I say cold because, well, the woman is physically incapable of smiling (must be a thing about Maths teachers, right?). She had to teach me the very basics while the entire class moved ahead. I was pretty close to tears, as pathetic as it sounds. I just felt… stupid.
It’s not just school. I mean, the education is for shit in this town, but the basic facilities are lacking too. I mean, it was 38 degrees Celsius today. Convert that. It’s winter over here, btw. Winter. So, the people who own the local pool think “oh, yep, it’s winter- let’s close up the pool”. 38 degrees. In winter. We don’t get winter here. And so, it’s the school holidays. The pools, the only minute source of entertainment for the kids here is gone.
It just infuriates me. I can’t stop thinking about what a raw deal these people are getting. One day, when I’m older and a helluva lot wealthier, I’ma come back here. I’m going to do something- anything- for these kids. I don’t even live here most of the time, and it kills me. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for C- she’s lived here her whole god dam life.

January 16, 2007

Boys things that girls hate.

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It’s common knowledge- Boys are annoying. So here I am, taking a stand for all girls, listing the things that piss us off most about the opposite sex. (Please note: This is just a sample in a long line of things that are infuriating).


1.) Ogling.

It is one thing to look at a pretty girl- acknowledge she has nice curves/ boobs/ a pretty face. You can even give her a (only slightly suggestive) smile- these things are appropriate. It is quite another to ogle- to hang out of your car window, to give “the nod”- to basically make a girl feel that she is being undressed by your eyes. Believe it or not- this does not make one feel sexy. (Note: Wolf-whistling, winking like a loon and yelling obscene things are also on the “do not” list.)


2.) Going too fast.

Sure, it’s great to stick it in, but spare a thought for the poor girl on the other end who’s feeling nothing but the strong urge to punch you in the face. One word: Sandpaper. Nobody likes to think of their sexual experiences as excruciating, unsatisfying and generally a waste of their life.


3.) Pressure.

Face it man- you can tell her how many of your mates and her mates are getting it on- you can buy her porn- you can even pull a sooky face and become suddenly “introverted” when she actually wants to watch the movie you guys paid to see. Unless your girl or prospective date is a slut or has very low self esteem, if she doesn’t want to sex you- she won’t. And the way you’re going you’ll end up getting an elbow to the groin and a not-so-subtle “It’s over” for your efforts.


4.) Jealousy.

Now this one’s tough. Girls are big fat hypocrites. If you want to spend the day with your neighbor whom you’ve known since birth, who happens to be sexy, slutty and seductive, chances are your girl will say “over my dead body”. Girls, on the other hand, like to flirt. It’s nothing against you personally- but a woman has to know that other men, besides you, whom she loves, find her attractive. This’ll probably happen with her engaging in a little flirty banter- but when she starts going on camping trips with his folks your little red flag should go up.


5.) Fashion.

The way you dress matters. Truth is, you could be the coolest guy she’s ever met but if you’re still wearing FUBU and “bling”- it’ll never happen. Same goes if you tuck in your shirts and wear thongs with jeans. If she suggests some new shoes- ask her which she likes. If you hate them, tell her so. Pick a similar style which you both don’t despise. Yeah, it sounds like you’re changing for her… because, well, you are. But if this is the girl you love, and possibly your future wife- wouldn’t wearing nike rather than those old crocodile boots do you all some good??


There are many, many, many other pet hates that girls harbor for boys. Whether you like it or not, certain things you do shit us to tears. Literally.

January 2, 2007

An Angry Quicky

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When someone knows a particular subject/discussion upsets you, yet still finds a way to make the subject come up every time you’re in the room, you really have to wonder if they have an ulterior motive, if they’re purposely trying to shit you to tears, or if they’re really just an ignorant asshole who thinks nothing of your feelings. I mean, really. Is it too much to ask for a little common decency?

December 30, 2006


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Christmas. You either love it or you hate it, they say. Most people I know are of the former state of mind. My Step Dad is of the latter, but this comes as no surprise as he hates almost everything, in general.

This is the first Christmas I’ve spent away from home. This year my olds decided a change was necessary. So they packed us up, and took us on a 6 hour road trip to “get away from it all”.

I must admit, the week away was just what I needed to put things back into perspective and figure out what’s important.

Like a scene from a movie, the beach was pristine and deserted. Sure, it was hot, but the sea breeze was awesome.  And the tropical storm. There we were, sitting on the beach in the hot sun, and the next minute we were running for shelter like crazy loonies on loony tablets.

I got a laptop for Chrissie and so I recorder some of the events there:

Wednesday 27th

Today was a great day. I had a great day today. In fact, for a long time, I haven’t had a day as great as today was. Sure, I had a breakout. But basically, apart from that, my day was… great. Usually, “hang out with the folks” days are boring, painful or humiliating- often all three at one time. But today was different. As I may have mentioned, it was great.

Starting with a shopping spree (which no girl can a) avoid b) resist c) dislike), I went a little mad, buying bathers, tees and jeans. But I blame that on Mum, who seems to think that in order to survive in the jungle that is boarding school I must have new/expensive/brand-name everything… not that I’m complaining, I mean, it’s not as if I dislike in any way, shape or form owning new/expensive/brand-name clothes…


So we get back from shopping, which, most surprisingly, did not involve one fight, sook or dummy spit from any party, and we go… strap yourselves in, boys and girls… on a Camel Ride along the beach.. It was actually really, really fun. Made my ass more than a little numb, but on the plus side, there were a few relatively hot guys on the camels behind us :p. One of the guys who took us on the “trek” along the beach was highly amusing. He was obviously a “camel buff”, if that is even a thing. He owns a camel, takes it across the desert, competes in camel races (camel races. Alarming!!) I mean, he was hilarious. The whole thing was very informative, with his anecdotes about camels, his stories about camels, facts about camels, history of camels… Highly interesting, and something different. Another thing to tick off of my “to do list”, and as Mum says “at 15 you’re not doing so bad”.


The trek ended at 7.30, so we pretty much raced home, at a ham sandwich each for dinner (such healthy eating habits I’ve grown up with) and out again to the outdoor cinema- to watch a movie under the starts/moons/incoming planes flying exceptionally low. We saw “Eragon”, you know, the movie about the dragon riders? It was actually really cool. Great, even. There’s not very much more a person can say about a movie. 7/10, I guess.

So we come home and here we are watching ER. We ate pudding and custard for supper, yet another healthy meal in the Happychick household, and I’m about to turn off the laptop, brush my teeth, wait, yawning and weary for the end of ER and go to bed.




That’s right- a Camel Ride!! Haha. I’ve pretty much decided that when me and Nush go backpacking around Aus, we are definitely going there. It was amazing.


Oh, and the “anonymous” commenter (yes, I know who you are my dear- sore losers are not hard to spot), whose email is (feel free to spam) is basically one of those silly morons who try to act hardcore with a keyboard: Fighting online is like competing in the Special Olympics- even if you win you’re still a retard. But really, feel free to comment- I shall sit back and laugh at your stupidity.  But I will not reply as that involves effort I do not have.


Much love to all, hope you didn’t miss me too much :p

December 14, 2006

You can’t change a person.

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I’m not perfect- I’ll be the first to admit it. But I’m a pretty decent person. I do what I think is right- I care about other people’s feelings- I defend the underdog. When I’m wrong, I can generally overcome my tendency to be stubborn and apologize or try to fix my mistake.

But I’m a teenager. I bitch. I succumb to temptation. I spill secrets. It’s in our making, as a human being, to be like that.

I guess I just expect other people to be as good a person as I am- in fact, I put those I know and care for up on a pedestal and expect from them nothing less than utter decency and politeness, all of the time. I don’t like to think my mates are human- that they too, mess up. That they too have bad traits.

Like when the boy you care about calls you “bitchy” before you can defend yourself. Or when your mate backstabs you, whether intentional or not- when she does something that you’d never consider- no matter the temptation. Even when your parents forget to pick you up or whatever.

The point is no-one is perfect and I can usually accept that. The only thing is, I’ve been trying so hard of late to make myself a better person- it doesn’t seem fair that those around me aren’t attempting the same.

December 7, 2006

The Thug Generation.

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The biggest problem with people today- and I say people, in general- not just us youth’s that society tends to blame everything on nowadays, is the fact that we are selfish. I admit, the problem is very obvious among teenagers- the generation who’ll take 6 slices of pizza and laugh when someone else misses out. The kids who’ll “forget” to do something they promised, but hold everyone else to their word and crucify them if they don’t follow through. In a world where the strongest survive, which indeed is the jungle we teens face every day; it’s not hard to understand why we do what we have to to survive. But that’s hardly the way we should be. We should be those people who help out the kids in wheelchairs- rather than the ones who call them “speds” and laugh in disgust when the unintentionally dribble. We shouldn’t be those kids who break into old people’s houses and beat them unconscious for the sake of a few bucks to then be spent on drugs. We should be the “love generation”- as Youth Group so aptly puts it. But we’re not, and we learn from the best. I am a strong believer that kids end up how they’re brought up. Adults, or should I just say those old enough to vote, are always complaining about how disgusting our behavior is- and worse, it’s become the TV’s fault, Marilyn Manson, South Park, Eminem, Internet, Gaming Violence… it never seems to come back to the underlying problem- parenting. I’m so sick of people blaming misguided kids for the mistakes our parents make. I mean, don’t get me wrong- there are so many kids out there who get in with “The Wrong Crowd” or drugs or whatever, but parents really need to take control of their offspring- kids these days are impressionable, and if you let them run wild like animals, it should come as no surprise that they begin to act like savages.

December 6, 2006

Mrs. Hyde. Mrs. Ben. Miss Bitchy!

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In some ways I’m much like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. By that I mean that, while I think of myself as a nice person, and I rarely get too nasty toward anyone, some days I’m just… well, I’m mean. In fact, more than mean. It scares me to death that I go out of my way to upset another. Who does that? What kind of monster must I be to intentionally hurt someone- especially my best friend?

Today was one of my Hyde days. My behavior sounds so disgusting when I think about it now, but what started me off was rudeness. Well, Anushka’s rudeness. Not unlike myself (which is probably why it annoyed me so profoundly), she has the tendency to be overbearing. And, most frustratingly, she butts in while others are talking. Yes, it may seem petty, but it really gets on my nerves when a person repeats the same pet-hate over and over… and over.

Not only that, but things seemed to go from bad to worse. Our English class is full of a bunch of infantile morons who find it funny to make fart noises during an assessment (yes, I’m serious. 15 years old. Leaders of tomorrow? They couldn’t lead themselves out of a one-way tunnel.) And our “class-party”, as predicted, was flop. We sat around and listened to (code-name) “Dan” the muso play, and play, and (although you wouldn’t believe it) play his stupid guitar. I mean for God’s sake- we know you’re a good musician!!!

Ah, and the big fat topping on the “Really, really crap day” cake was the fact that I had to sit there and watch Break-a-leg Ben play in the senior-school band. It was excruciating. The fact that any single person in the world could be that hot is too unbelievable for words. And he plays the drums. The drums!! Drum players are hot. Drums are hot. Music is hot. Ben is hot. Seriously. I could hardly bear to watch as I fought the urge to throw myself at him (hahaha… no, really.). The worst thing was, as emo, “my-life-is-over-because-of-a-boy” as this will sound… he’s not mine. And chances are I’ll never end up with him, or anyone like him, for that matter.

I knew I was acting like an obsessed loser and wanted so badly to get out of the teenage girl “crush” trap, so I told myself over and over that more likely than not, he has an ego problem, and that, rumor has it, the boy is an arrogant bastard.

Somehow, that didn’t have the effect I was planning on. I still wanted to have the arrogant bastard’s babies.

December 3, 2006

I will soon be Mrs. Valo

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We had another “Sunday outing”, as I have come to call them, today. Last night at Nush’s, we watched “The Benchwarmers” and “Searching for Bobby Fisher”, we set our clocks forward an hour (bloody daylight savings- who invented that crap??), and we went to bed. My Nanna, the hypocritical health-freak that she is (buys low-fat margarine and Tim tams in the same breath…) only buys wholegrain bread. Ugh. So nasty. It was a nice treat at Nush’s this morning- white bread! I felt like I was in the holy land…  Anywho… this morning we went to the markets. I bought a couple of HIM badges, and before you judge me too harshly on being that weird girl who buys badges, I must remind you that I am one day going to marry Ville Valo, the lead singer of said band. Then we went into the city. We wandered around and went to watch Courtney’s modeling practice (which, BTW Courtz, I hope went very well), then Nush and I got bloody lost in the middle of nowhere, then we got bored and came home. Now it is time for my social whinge. I started my blog because I love how anonymous it all is. But now, ever since my mates got hold of it… what I’m writing has become “safe”. It’s no longer an outlet for those times when I’m shitty at the ones I care about. I can no longer bitch about everyone I know, for fear of it coming back to haunt me. The fact is, my blog is on other people’s blogrolls. When they give out their blog address, in turn they are giving out mine. I find myself wondering whether or not the person I’m talking about is going to read this, or hear about it, and most importantly, get offended by it. I don’t want to have to edit what I’m saying. I never wanted a blog so I could still bottle up my feelings. I don’t know where to go from here. Maybe this blog’s days are numbered. Maybe a new, totally anonymous blog is in order. In saying that, I love my “sundog”. And I love the “webmates” I’ve made (aka Sandra, Kieth, Jon…). But I’m not loving the resentment I’m feeling because I let people who really do know happychick into my weblife. xxx

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