March 7, 2009

Pauline Hanson

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I’m not that much into politics, really, as it’s a subject that has, for almost 18 years, failed to interest me. But today, on a whim, I was doing a bit of research on Pauline Hanson, who, as any Australian will know, is making what might be called a comeback. Please explain.
In her maiden speech when she was elected in 1996 Hanson said, among other questionable things, that “we are in danger of being swamped by Asians. They have their own culture and religion, form ghettos and do not assimilate.” Form ghettos. Swamped by Asians. What was she thinking?
Now, this may come across quite contradictory, but I’ve always been something of a Hanson admirer. Not because I’m a closet racist but because the lady had balls. Yes, she was a xenophobe, yes, she did miss the lesson on political correctness, and, yes, she’s a nutbag, but she was saying what a lot of Australians believed (and many still do) at the time.
She reminds me a bit of Germaine Greer, actually. They’re both women I respect, albeit fear and question the sanity of. They were both a bit radical, both controversial, but what makes them different to all the other lunatics we’ve got wandering around Australia is that they were influential. Indeed, wikipedia tells me that in 2006, The Bulletin named Hanson one of the 100 most influential Australians. I mean, if that’s not something to be proud of I’m not sure what is.
Greer too made her mark through controversy. The Female Eunuch was flying off shelves in the 70s (or so I’m told- that was about 20 years before I was born), and that book pissed a LOT of people off. Looking at Hanson, it’s easy to draw comparisons- feminism was a crack-pot idea back in the day but it changed the world. Who’s to say Pauline’s views and continued popularity amongst a very small public wont, one day, change the way we think. On the other hand, racism is a thing of the past. A lot of people might argue that Hanson’s views are archaic, as well as illogical.
The whole point of this post wasn’t to express my support or disdain for Pauline or Germaine, or even to make a point at all. In fact, in all honesty, it was to examine what life might become like for me over the years- reporters aren’t very popular people, and, as a Uni student studying the very art of Journalism, looking at what a life of controversy and being the underdog has done to these women and their reputations, I’m not really sure if I could handle it.


March 1, 2009

Just a couple of midnight observations

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1. All men want is sex. Period.

2. Parking bays need to be wider for people who can’t drive like myself.

3. Facebook is an addiction and I need to seek help.

4. I’ll be lucky if I can stay awake through my lecture tomorrow.

5. Tim Tams are the food of Gods.

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