February 9, 2009

Current Affairs

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I went out to dinner on Saturday night, which turned out to be dinner and then wine, some sort of cocktail and me staggering back to the car when Mum finally cut me off. I’m still blaming the wobbling on my heels, rather than my complete inability to refuse drinks when they’re offered to me.

We ended up out at the bar with Ves and a couple of her friends, including these two gay guys and one of their cute brothers. It was a bit amusing really because the age group was about 20-35, except 17 year old me and my 41 year old mother. I could tell she was feeling out of place, and when she told me afterwards how “old” she’d felt, I could relate to how I feel when all of her workmates come out with us and I feel like a pre-pubescent naïve idiot. I’m kind of glad that now she finally knows how it felt for me for so long.

Dave, the gay guy, was telling me how he’d turn straight for Jennifer Lopez. “In fact,” he went on, “If I wasn’t into boys I would totally try to get into your pants”. By this time I was blushing and was very glad it was dark. “You’re gorgeous!” he exclaimed. His brother was absolutely dying of laughter and I wasn’t sure where to look. It made me remember why I love flamboyant gay people so much. To be so comfortable with being so different is something I’ll be eternally jealous of. And it was a massive compliment to receive from him.

When I got home at about midnight the Irishman called. Looking back through my phone log, we chatted for about 40minutes but I can honestly say, with embarrassment, that I can only clearly remember about ten minutes of the conversation. I’m still unsure as to exactly what I said and/or agreed to, so that should make for interesting conversation on our pending date this week. I tried to get out of it by being completely honest and telling him that I was 17 and would never get into any clubs, and making it clear I wasn’t some kind of slut who’d have sex with him if that was what he was looking for. He was still keen, though, saying he’d take me to breakfast and we’d go to the city park etc etc. All of my friends still think he’s a bit of a pedophile, but he’s quite sweet and I guess I’ll just go with the flow for a bit and see where it all ends up. Maybe I’ll live to regret my decision, but I’m young and I’ve got mistakes to make so my friends can feel free to say “I told you so” if it all turns to shit.

I really have to start packing for my flight so I’ll keep this one relatively short. x


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  1. I’d say that you’re still an idiot.

    Comment by Anonymous — October 20, 2010 @ 6.38p10

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