January 19, 2009

Cate’s 18th

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When I go back there now, I’m just “one of the boys”. There’s Matty and Jon, my geeky-but-popular cousins, Chris, Tom, and on occasion, crazy Ben. We play Guitar Hero (they make me sing), eat McDonalds, drive around in Matt’s tiny car which can’t cope with our weight, watch foreign movies and talk about people we went to school with.

They are the only people left there who accept me for both who I was and who I’ve become. With everyone else it’s different.

I was scared of going back. I generally like to think of myself as a pretty brave, hardy person (though this isn’t always the case). But for as much as I was dreading facing those girls, I knew in my heart I had to go- Cate was going to be 18. She, other than the boys, still loved me. And I was going crazy hanging out with my parents in this boring lame town.

So I went. I caught the bus (usually reserved for the homeless, derelict people), which gave me an extra incentive to pass my driving test this Thursday. Matty and Chris picked me up and we went back to Matt’s house to chill. The thing I love most about the boys (or perhaps “loved” is the right word, in light of the story to follow), is that they all just think I’m one of the guys- like a little sister. And the boys who aren’t related to me know the rules about hitting on your mate’s cousins- Don’t. So we played Guitar Hero Band, I was the worst singer who ever attempted 30 Seconds From Mars’ “The Kill”, and had a hoarse voice for about an hour afterward. We watched Transporter 3, which was a massive disappointment after the awesomeness of the second movie (and the female lead was the randomest, most unattractive weirdo I’ve ever seen), and we helped our Uncle Scott move into his new house.

They all laughed at me when we were getting ready for the party. At the time they were watching Dr. Who and I was ducking in and out of the room so I wouldn’t miss the exciting part (it turned out to be a crap episode anyway). Chris ended up yelling at me. “What the hell are you doing in the bathroom for so long?” Boys just don’t understand. I had to look good for tonight- not “look good” like you normally do when you go out, but “look extra good”, because it would be the first time in a long time that I would see everyone- and immaturely, I wanted to prove them wrong about me.

In short, the party was fricken awesome. I got a bit drunk (but not as drunk as my Mother seems to think- more on that shortly), but that was totally not my fault- everywhere I looked people were handing me beer and this one girl kept giving me Vodka Cruisers claiming “My Mum will kill me if I go home with full bottles”…

I met this totally adorable guy from South Africa who I was quite certain I would rape if no one stopped me. Actually the story is that I was talking to an old workmate Demetry, when Jarred (the South African) came in, and (unnecessarily loudly) I told Demetry “Demetry, get me one of those”. It was highly amusing but it seemed to do the trick. Jarred and I got on really well. He was pretty shy though, which I am not used to from guys, so I think, in the end, he thought I was either too drunk to hook up with or too full-on. But he will probably be at Gorgi’s going away party next weekend so I’ll see what happens there.

Chris was actually more smashed than I’d ever seen anyone in my whole life (that includes the time I found my Mum asleep in her own spew in our front garden). The older boys (Matt, Tom, Chris and Ben) had gone to the pub beforehand, and whatever they were drinking had completely floored Chris, who, as it turns out, can’t remember much of anything that happened. Which I’m glad of. Now, I understand that when people get drunk they do things that normally they wouldn’t, and I like to apply this theory to Chris’ actions. “You know Ash, you’re really hot and sexy” he said with a slur, sidling up to me. I kinda cocked my head and laughed, telling him that he was really drunk, which he agreed to, and we left it at that. But things are never really the same after someone says that to you, and unfortunately Cate must’ve heard the exchange too (more on that soon).

I met another guy a bit later on whose name, I think, was Blake. There are about 50 photos of him on my camera but I can’t really remember saying all that much to him (he’s photo 36 On). Anyway, he was very good looking and I was a little overwhelmed when he started talking to me. It kinda symbolized, for me, the whole night- I’d never been the pretty girl but suddenly here were all these boys wanting to talk to me. Matty would later put that feeling into words for me.

The biggest surprise of the night was Rach. It’s no secret that there was a lot of bad blood there after what happened between me and Travis and then her and Travis. For almost three years she’s pretty much wanted me dead. At first, in that awkward half-hour when you first get to a party, she ignored me, as I’d expected. Later on though, we were talking and laughing like old friends. I was so relieved. I’d actually been half afraid that she would bottle me before the end of the night. I later asked Cate if she’d put Rach up to being nice to me, and she denied it wholeheartedly, which was even better.

So at the end of the night I gave Demetry and Gerald my number and told them to sort out what was going on next weekend because I’d be back in town with my olds, and the boys and I stumbled home at 2am. We sat about in Jon’s room drinking water in an attempt to reduce hangovers and just talking about shit. Eventually Chris had passed out and Tom was very close, and Matt said to me “You know, I’m really glad that you’re my cousin.” I was tempted to laugh, but he went on. “Everyone thinks you’re really cool and then they think we’re really cool coz we’re related to you. You know how all the guys at a party sit around talking about one girl? That girl was you. You were like, the cream of the crop. They kept saying “yo, hook me up with your cousin, put in a good word”.” It reminded me of something he’d said to me years ago- “Ash, you’ve got something that makes people want to be around you”, at which point I’d laughed and said “they’re boobs”. What Matty was saying was obviously drunken ramble about nothing very important at all, but it really showed me how much things- how much I, had changed. Cate said Demetry referred to me as a “model”. I couldn’t help but think about my fat days, and the time when I had really horrific acne. And for as much as I was flattered for all the attention I got, which I can only assume was a result of the amount of booze that was consumed, and the sheer deficit of pretty girls, I thought about what that girl- the chubby one, with the acne, socially awkward and tactless- what she would say to me now. And I knew that she’d tell me not to forget where I came from. I knew she’d tell me to remember how all these people treated me, and to think about just why they’d suddenly changed their tune.

Mum saw the photos. She was mad. She told me I hadn’t asked her if I could drink, and every time she saw a photo of me with a different drink in my hand she’d growl a bit more. She gave me the lecture on drink-spiking and how dangerous a place that town was, about taking advantage of her trust in me etc etc. I don’t want to undermine her concern for my safety, but I truly think it wasn’t the booze, but the boys that her concerned. I’m actually a good girl, contrary to what many think, but my Mum thinks I have a very great potential to become a slut.

On a separate note, Cate messaged me the day after and asked, point-blank “Does Chris like you?” I shrugged it off, of course- “He was just so drunk”. Later on, Matty would tell me that he thought Cate might have a bit of a crush on Chris- I asked her, and to this she replied “The jury’s still out”.

That’s all for now, really. I’m looking forward to the weekend because a mate of mine, Gorgi, is having a going away party, and it should be pretty good. If Mum lets me go, that is. After this weekend she’ll probably only let me go if she escorts me and I only drink water all night.




  1. I understand if you were bored by that town.

    Comment by Anonymous — October 3, 2013 @ 6.38p10

  2. Well,, it’s a good thing that you didn’t get as drunk as your mom.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 5, 2015 @ 6.38p02

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