December 26, 2008

Post-Christmas Rant

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We went for a bit of a country drive today, missing most of the Boxing Day Test (not that it mattered anyway, Roy got out for only 27! Not to mention Matty Hayden’s continued run of bad form, looks like there’s a retirement on the horizon).

I tested out my new bikini that I got from the olds at Christmas- I also got McGrath’s book, a signed copy of Adam Gilchrist’s “True Colours” (omfg I met him I met him!), some cash and not to mention a two week tour of England.

I’m still in shock, really, that it’s all said and done with. After graduation, I didn’t really stop- studying for exams, Leavers, England, Christmas… it’s only now that I can sit back and think “Shit, you’ve done it- it’s over”. It’s only now I can start to figure out what I’m going to be doing with the rest of my life.

I mean, most of it has been established already- I’ve got a house, a car and I’m weeks away from owning my first dog. I’m well on the way to finally getting my license, I’m fairly certain I’ve been accepted into University, I’ve basically secured a job for the next couple of months to get some cash in my wallet before going back to studying…

But it’s still a shock, this freedom. I’ve pretty much just been getting drunk for the past few nights and sleeping in, I haven’t returned anyone’s calls and I haven’t shaved my legs- and at the moment, strangely, I really don’t have to.

Less importantly, there’s this really cute guy who works at the gaming store down the road who offers a bit of distraction from the monotony of my parent’s antics and may serve to occupy my time over the next few months… And that georgeous new guy at my Mum’s work who thinks I’m a complete lunatic after an embarassing encounter the other day…

But yes, in hindsight, it’s time for a bit of structure. Freedom is great but I really feel like I’ve just pissed the last two weeks of my life up the wall- I need to be doing something constructive with my life. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas, tell me about your gifts! x x


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  1. Just give it up already.

    Comment by Anonymous — July 3, 2012 @ 6.38p07

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