July 4, 2008

Boarder’s Socials

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I tend not to go if I can help it. Having a good time at these things depends on a significant number of factors- the music, the people you’re dancing with, the boys, the outfit, how much sleep you got the night before, how much homework you could/should be doing… And only occasionally do all of things go well enough for the night to be a success.

Our school held their annual Boarder’s Social last weekend, themed “Cops and Crims”. Because it was held by us it was compulsory for us to be there. There was nothing I could do, I had to go, and surprisingly, enough of the above factors were stacked in my favour to allow for a relatively painless evening.


The music, as expected, was awful. It was all “apple bottom jeans”, “put your hands up for Detroit”, “I got it from my Mamma”… No metal. No rock. Not even British Indie, like Arctic Monkeys/The Fratellis/ Bloc Party… The strange voodoo rumor is that metal incites violence, and all teens are underlyingly savage anyway, right? No reason to tempt us with a bit of Red Jumpsuit, or, even more shockingly, Escape the Fate. There was a large amount of ass-shaking and ass-slapping at times (my inner feminist was weeping) – it was, as HK puts it, “a vertical expression of a horizontal act”.


Casey’s my best mate and I love her to pieces- we share a room, we share classes and friends and several interests, but when it comes to socials- or socializing, for that matter, she is so damn awkward it’s uncomfortable. She hates dancing. She gets… weird, around boys. She has very little self-confidence and it shows in situations where faith in yourself is all that you have. But it was compulsory- she had to go. And it hurt me to see her in such a state of visible pain. I danced with her- she, standing, me and Boggs dancing beside her. Boggs was a lifesaver. She, too, hates anything to do with socializing (particularly with other Boarders), but she really got into it. We had fun, despite it all. We even staged it for a song or two.


Aware of how shallow this sounds, they were probably the highlight of my night. Initially I was asked by a group of boys to dance with their friend, Lee. He was cute, but in the year below us, as E so politely yelled into my ear, completely devoid of tact. That ruled out number-swapping and spit-swapping too. Further into the night I was dancing with a boy named Matt, and to my dismay Lee was getting increasingly uncomfortable with this arrangement. I hated the fact that I’d made someone envious like that.

As it was themed “Cops and Crims”, there were a lot of fake eyeliner-moustaches, as was the case when dancing with Luke, who’d come dressed as Chopper Reid, complete with the handle-bar mo. He was very polite, we danced and there was tonsil-hockey, which was all nice and well, until I got home and realised my mouth was COVERED IN BLACK EYELINER. As conspicuous and humiliating (and ultimately hilarious) as it was, no one had said ANYTHING throughout the night. The conversation back at boarding went something like;

“Casey, what the fuck is on my face?”…

“Oh yeah, I noticed that.”…

“Why, then, didn’t you say ANYTHING?!”


I was caught between Cop and Crim, ending up wearing shorts and stockings and a white striped blouse. I actually looked cute, and a few layers of foundation and a whole lot of mascara sealed the deal. My Roaccutane is working at last- give it a couple of months and I’ll be clear-skinned- something I have been longing for for 6 years.


Non-existent. The night before I’d stayed at Asha’s after Nick’s surprise birthday dinner. We watched 27 dresses (with the chick from Grey’s Anatomy), and then there was some very strange midnight movie on with Jack Black. Needless to say, the social tipped me over the edge- I’ve been over-tired for a week.


ARGH. School holidays began yesterday and finish in two weeks, within which time I have 9 assignments to complete. No exaggeration. It’s past the point of insanity and it’ll get worse before it gets better.

All in all, things went well. And they’re going well. My exam results saw me top Year 12 in both Human Bio and Maths, and I got a B in both Media and Lit. School holidays, as mentioned, are upon us, and I love love love the fact that I don’t have to do anything at all except homework and watching movies.


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