October 11, 2007

Human not-so Kind

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We’re quite uncivilized, aren’t we? The human race. We’re the most evolved, top of the food chain, the most advanced life form that we know of.

And yet, we’re becoming… well, appalling. The once clear-cut line between what’s right and what’s wrong has become blurred- repeat offenders get off scott-free, while innocent people suffer and taxpayers lose money to insane government schemes…

It’s nobodies fault. Not really. Times change. The conservatives are “old-fashioned” but forward thinkers are “hippies” and “yobbos”- you’ve got hard workers who are “job obsessed” and those who take a more laid-back approach are “doll bludgers”… I think it all comes down to our complete inability to strike a balance.

I’m by no means a role model. Not that I should be expected to be, at this time in my life.

A state of equilibrium is hard to find. We work hard, so as to provide for the here and now, as well as saving for a future that may never come. We’re told to relax more and so spend months and months of painful budgeting and stressful hours of phone calls trying to plan “relaxing” holidays…

The world is getting worse by the day. Australia is probably the best country in the world and our daily news is littered with the wrongdoings of our fellow Aussies, of our politicians, of our government… There are traffic collisions every other moment, deaths left right and centre, murders, rapes… I’m not saying these things weren’t happening twenty years ago, but now… it’s gone from bad to worse. I’d hate to think of the poor Iraqi people and what they’re going through, or the Americans with constant shootings and bad TV…

I just don’t have that much faith in human kind anymore. I can’t trust my neighbors, the girls I live with, the people I meet at the bus stop… I don’t like the world as it is, and yet, we’re all powerless to stop it.

I only wish I was around in the 80s… those would’ve been the days, right?


October 3, 2007

Driving Lesson

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For the first time in my life today, I drove a car.

I cried the entire time.

It was 8 in the morning, and there was not another soul on the road. Lucky for them, dare I say it- and sorry to the man down my street whose bin I nearly took out.

It’s embarrassing, thinking about it now. Of course, I couldn’t help the tears. They come naturally, in times of stress, excitement- basically, in any situation where one single emotion threatens to overcome me.

Still, I was crying like a sissy as I drove down Collier Street, blubbering during the three-point-turn, and the tears only ceased to allow me to cry “Oh Shit!” as an impatient driver passed me on the corner.

It was awful, the whole bloody experience. I’d rather catch public transport for the rest of my life than go through it again.

But go through it I will.

And there will be more tears.

Thinking back to your own first driving lessons, have any of you actually humiliated yourselves like that?

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