July 19, 2007

Good Lord I have nice hands.

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I caught up with Kk today- RACK is dead and buried but it was so nice to be able to talk to her just like we used to. She’s on a health kick similar to my own- the only difference being that perhaps she’s more consistent and motivated.

I bought the new Missy Higgins album “On a Clear Night” when we were away last week- I saw her live once, did I mention? She wasn’t wearing any shoes, which at the time made her very strange- probably the reason why I love her and her music so much.

Mum bleached my cons and so they look (almost) as good as new. I can vaguely recall when only “emos” wore Converse- just goes to show how things change, right?

I think one of the biggest things about going away and coming back is that the kids in this town judge you on your return. Suddenly I’ve slept with him and dress like that- I’m not the same, I’ve changed, I’m a “city bitch”… Sometimes it’s not all bad. But usually it is. I don’t mind so much anymore- it used to get to me. But everyone changes. All of my tight clique of friends aren’t so tight anymore. The ones who can accept that I am changing and becoming different- whether for better or for worse- are the mates that really matter.

Mum and I went shopping yesterday- jeans shopping. It was kinda upsetting, having my own mother imply that I’m fat- well, fatter than I was. “I’m not a size 11!” I wanted to scream. But sadly… I was. Am.

Looking through Kk’s movies today we dug out “Anaconda”- that awfully frightening Jlo movie with Ice Cube and John Voit (Angelina Jolie’s dad)… It’s strange watching it now and laughing at how pathetic the acting and the storyline is, when not so long ago I was terrified of watching it.

On Saturday Harry Potter 7 comes out- I’ve been looking forward to this for two long years. It’s also when the lotto is drawn- Mum thinks she’ll win it big. Saturday, July 21 is also the 7th anniversary of my Dad’s death. To be honest, I forgot. I really did. The calendar brought it back with a shock and I began to feel like the worst daughter in the world. But despite it all, I am happy. And he’d be happy that I’m happy.

I can’t wait to go back to school, only 1 semester to go and then I’ll officially be a Year 12.

I’m excited about Nush and my joint birthday- we are so close after all these years that I don’t think I could know more about her if we were married.

I’m confident the rest of this holidays will go smoothly if the StepDad can resist the urge to be an ass, if the brother can learn to clean up after himself and if I can deal with the large amounts of homework I’ve put off until the last minute. Later.

(BTW Kk- I found that post which upset you all those weeks ago- completely insensitive. Apologies. )



  1. You have nice hands? Oh sure, like I’ll believe that.

    But if your hands are truly nice, that doesn’t mean you’re the same on the inside.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 14, 2011 @ 6.38p03

  2. You apologized on July 19, 2007? Well, you should apologize for the way that you typed this article and for being insensitive.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 14, 2011 @ 6.38p03

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