May 10, 2007

*Sigh* Another Day In Paradise

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Exams are coming up faster than even I had anticipated- and I’ve been planning study timetables for a month. Everyone has gone into shock and stress attacks are becoming more and more frequent. I know in my heart it’s not worth worrying yourself to tears, and yet I find myself having to remind myself of it more and more often- a complete mental breakdown would no doubt be bad for my complexion. I thought I’d take some time out to write a little something to keep you guys up on what’s going on nowadays- I’ll have you know Peter and my “not-date” went wonderfully. He’s not changed much at all, other than I have a sneaking suspicion he may be doing drugs. It upsets me to think so- an increasing number of people I know/ know of/ try not to know are falling into the very same trap. I swore to myself I’d never befriend or be close to a person who did that to themselves- and I mean to stand by it. His birthday party in June is going to be a messed-up bunch of his “friends” getting drunk and high and no doubt taking even worse illicit substances… There’s no way in the world I’d subject myself to that kind of environment. I guess I am a prude- I’m judgmental of the type of kids who do that, and I definitely think I can do better- but you must understand, my mother raised me to be terrified of drugs, and I’ve taught myself to resist the temptation. I don’t want to get sucked in and end up- well, end up on a completely different track, spiraling toward nothingness. Not to mention my Mum would probably murder me. :p School is just what you’d expect- the girls are being girly, the sluts are being slutty, and the weather is slowly fading into winter- rain and cold and sickness all round. I’m glad, in a way- a sense of normality is great once in a while, and I particularly enjoy sitting back and people-watching to convince myself I’m not the only one in this world with problems. Nanna started her treatment today. Her lymphoma’s not curable, but treatable, I’ve been told. All signs are good, but that doesn’t stop the nagging feeling of dread that refuses to cease. I’m sure I’m just overreacting and looking for a place to use dramatic vocabulary, but you’ve all been there and will know what I mean. I fit back into my “skinny” jeans…just. But fit into them I do. And so, to Juan- I have indeed been making progress, even thought the weather here is repulsive. Anushka and I went out on the weekend- poor thing’s caught a cold since then. We really felt Andy’s absence and I almost wanted to cry. I miss him. There aren’t a lot of words to describe it any other way. Paige said to me yesterday that every time she sees me I “get prettier”. It was a compliment and a half, as you can see- she’s a naturally nice girl but I really appreciated it. That’s not to say I do get prettier by the day- only that it’s nice to have someone say so. I can’t emphasize how much I miss my Mum. We’re so close nowadays that it feels as though I’ve lost my right arm- I’ve certainly lost my confidante, my objective observer, and my best friend. I really can’t wait to see her next holidays- we get along so well it’s as though I’m just catching up with a mate. To all of those wonderful women out there who call themselves Mums, Happy Mothers Day for Sunday. And for all those who’s Mother’s are indeed one of a kind- tell them you love them, and really let them know the extent of your appreciation- know I will.



  1. Just a bit of advice….stay terrified of drugs and away from the people that do them….

    You’re one smart chica. 😀

    Comment by Sandra — May 15, 2007 @ 6.38p05

    • You’re against drugs yet you type like a vulgar person? If you’re against drugs, then you shouldn’t engage in vulgarity.

      Comment by Anonymous — March 9, 2011 @ 6.38p03

  2. drugs are bad. miss u too x

    Comment by wallywally — May 16, 2007 @ 6.38p05

    • How right you are. However, they are drugs that are helpful.

      Comment by Anonymous — March 9, 2011 @ 6.38p03

  3. @happychick:

    “You’re a prude? You don’t sound like one to me. I’m a prude in that uptight and finicky.”

    Comment by Anonymous — March 9, 2011 @ 6.38p03

    • Dang it! I forgot to put “I’m” between “that” and “uptight”.

      Comment by Anonymous — March 12, 2011 @ 6.38p03

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