April 25, 2007


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At the airport, I was no less depressed than I had been over the past few days. Leaving Mum again hurt me as expected. I sat in the lounge people-watching. The gentleman next to me was playing a PSP- the man next to him doing a crossword. The large Asian girl with her mother across from me were arguing over something petty- playful arguing, much like Mum and I do. The girl had really cool Nikes. A bunch of boarding kids were chatting across the room- they all thought they were the shit b/c they traveled alone- I fought the urge to laugh at Jon, remembering that time I had a crush on him. The plane trip was pleasant- the woman next to me gave me her pretzels and milk, and the two drunken middle-aged bimbos in front provided some entertainment. For the first time since ever, I fell asleep on the plane. I’ll never forgive Mum for getting me up at 4 for that ridiculous dawn service. xx


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  1. helloooo a dawn service is not ridiculous… i played the drums in the march today lol i felt all special and cool and i was suprised i could actually play pretty well.
    we should do something sometime this term. i havent seen u in ages.
    luv u long time
    Courtz xoxoxo

    Comment by courtney — April 29, 2007 @ 6.38p04

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