April 10, 2007

Yellowcard sums up all that’s worth stressing about just now

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What news from Hell Town?, I hear you ask.
Well, I’ve been here for about 4 days and there are already a bunch of morons doing their very best to annoy me. Sadly enough, it may well be working.
I had a blow-up with an “old friend”, so to speak, who’s never gotten over her break-up and made it her mission to mess with mine.
Pete’s dating my not-so-close friend, who’s taken it upon herself to erase me from her life and the lives of everyone around her.
Pete himself is just being Pete-ish, slightly immature and hiding away from the world should he run into me (which consequently happened, with hilarious results).
I’m sleeping on the floor of Mum and Step dad’s room- quite ridiculous! There’s some “family friend” making my bed all… mannish.
To be honest it just seems like this town has begun to hate me. Even worse is the fact that everyone has an opinion as to what I’ve done wrong, or what I’ve not said right- I mean, really- go catch Chlamydia!
But I am glad to be home. Getting away from boarding is great- seeing the same thing, the same people, every day- it really does get old.
My Dad’s  death anniversary and his birthday are coming up in a couple of months- I really wonder what he’d be like if I knew him now- I really wish I had known him now. It kills me to think of the upcoming “Father-Daughter Dinner” at school, or even when I hear people talk about their dad’s… I’ve got Paul, right? And that’s awesome. But it won’t ever be the same as a real Daddy.
On the subject, I went to visit my crazy Gran in the bush last week- she really is a tough old stick. We got talking about my bro (who I’m becoming increasingly worried about), and then about my Dad(a subject which rarely, if ever, brings tears to my eyes- but alas! There is an exception to every rule)
So, to end the post on a less angry, more melancholy note, I’ll leave you with a bit of an extract from a Yellowcard song;
“And I’m sure the view from heaven,
Beats the hell out of mine here,
And if we all believe in heaven,
Maybe we’ll make it through one more year,
Down here”



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  1. it doesn’t look so bad but so sad!

    Comment by feelingalittlegay — April 12, 2007 @ 6.38p04

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