April 1, 2007


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I never realized just how unfit I’d become- until Friday morning, of course. I forced KT to come to cross country with me for the first time- there was no way I’d have gone by myself- and am I glad that I didn’t.

I remember back in Primary School- I was a pretty decent runner. I’d come second or third in each race, and I’d love the feeling I got from pushing myself to the absolute limit and beyond, and coming out on top.

That sort of talent quickly dissolves when it’s not used, much like many other things in life. I just didn’t know how quickly.

It was basically Embarrassment 101- I was walking behind as the others jogged on- even KT managed to keep up. I got a stitch and ran out of breath as we did laps of the oval, and could feel the pity stares as I came in last. The whole morning was a nightmare- I was fucking humiliated, to say the least.

And that’s what’s made me all the more determined to stick with it.

I saw how those girls looked at me, and I felt like a failure- which was to be expected, in hindsight- but beforehand I actually thought I could’ve handled it.

KT and I have decided to start training next term, and so, tomorrow morning, we’ll go for a run by ourselves, rather than try to keep up with the girls who’ve been doing this sort of thing for years.

I’ve really come to terms with it lately, especially in regards to weight and fitness- if you don’t have the discipline, if you don’t have the control, you’ll be stuck in a rut and find it a thousand times harder to climb out.

One example of this is JL- she’s a wonderful girl- she really is. But her eating’s been out of control lately, and I can see it in her waistline. I’m not worried about her weight, though- I’m worried about her health.

I saw it happen to my brother- he ate and ate and when he finally decided to do something about it, it was too late- he’s no longer got the will power to resist that Maccas burger, that Coke or that cake- and JL’s becoming that way too. And I can see her as the type of girl to try something drastic, even dangerous, to change the size of her stomach, and that’s not the way to do it. I never want to end up like that.

The entire point of this post was to tell you that I’m getting serious- I’m getting fit. I’m getting healthy and I’m excited about it, guys- I really am. It won’t be easy and I can tell that already- but I will not be another statistic of the overweight Australian youth- I will not.



  1. I’ve been a slug about posting on my blog and reading others as well. Tonight I’m catching up :).

    Your boarding school sounds great. Wish I’d had something like it when I was a teen. Being Catholic is not a bad thing… fact I’m very fond of it.

    You’re right about the discipline that goes with weight and fitness. If you don’t get it now….chances are you never will. That’s why I’m not bad for an old broad. 🙂 Had my #60 a couple of weeks ago.

    Comment by jcoftw — April 3, 2007 @ 6.38p04

  2. Did you just take a “page out of my book” ?
    Well….I’ll be holding you to it !

    I took measurements today and picked up a notebook to track everything, no matter if its bad or good results….

    Comment by thestunts — April 3, 2007 @ 6.38p04

  3. It does seem, my dear Juan, that I owe you thanks, praise and an apology for ripping up your book :p
    Yes, your new-found lust for life has invigorated me- we shall both check up on each other, okay? x

    Comment by happychick — April 5, 2007 @ 6.38p04

  4. Stick with it! Habit is a hard thing to break, so if you start good habits now you’ll be much better off.

    Comment by Mr Angry — April 6, 2007 @ 6.38p04

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