April 1, 2007


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Andy called last night. I’ve never been so happy to talk to someone in my life. I thought it’d be like it was when I left the city- I thought I’d lost him forever. Dramatic, I know.

My point is, he called. We had the longest chat about everything- James (LOL), Ambhiga (Double LOL), Tesco, Anushka, Bilson, lesbians, and the fact that the moment I have the time and money, I’ll be on the next plane to Pommy-land.

I was actually really glad we’re still mates- the amount of time we all spent together, the fun things we did and said (need I remind anyone about the incident with the peg?), I’d have been overly emotional if we never spoke again.

The thing I’m getting at is that the three A’s are still alive. And there’ll be plenty more Peter Pan days, hopefully not too many more abandoned drug hangouts, a number of lemons and, if all goes well, I’ll never hear another Ben Lee song in my life.


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  1. ash i actually love you!! best post ever!

    Comment by wallywally — May 8, 2007 @ 6.38p05

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