March 29, 2007

Thinking about beauty once again

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I’ve been thinking. Frightening, isn’t it? It must have been said a thousand times before, by a thousand different people… so much so it’s probably lost it’s meaning. But just to satisfy my own urge, I’ll say it once again-

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

From my experience with people- who, to be fair, are almost all teenagers- we spend so much-too much- of our time wishing we were someone else. Someone skinnier, natural flawless, Angelina Jolie’s twin…

I’m guilty of it. More than I care to admit. While I know it’s not the truth, I still think about how much better off I’d be if I looked like M, or if I was as smart as Jen. If I could befriend people in an instant like Tayla, or have boys drooling after me like E.

But would I be better off? At a glance, M looks like a self-obsessed French princess. Jen is rubbished behind her back, through jealousy, intolerance, and because she really is a know-all snob. The girls outside her “clique” despise Tayla for the way she excludes people just as easily as she befriends them. E? Well, she’s a slut and will probably have gonorrhea by the time she’s twenty.

And I think to myself, deep down (deep, deep down)- I don’t want to be them after all.

But all this makes the mountain of homework I have no smaller, the fatigue blurring my vision no less, the pimples plaguing my face no less obvious and the stress I’m under no more lifted.

But alas! Things could be so, so much worse, and like my Religion teacher says, “Be grateful for what you’ve got”… Love Happychick.


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  1. Like the colors of the site.

    Comment by Len — May 15, 2007 @ 6.38p05

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