February 26, 2007

Far out this page took a long time to load!

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I may have mentioned once or twice before that I am moving to Finland, setting up camp on Ville Valo’s doorstep in Helsinki, and staying there, living off M and M’s and Mt Franklin until he decides to propose to me.

But the thing is, my friends, that I rarely come across anyone who actually knows who HIM is. I mean, they see the heart gram and ask me “Is that Bam?”

The answer, oh deprived ones, is NO. That is not Bam, that is HIM.

And with this lack of fame in Aus, comes the fact that I have just one poster of my future husband, which, conveniently, I left on my wall at home.

Disaster! Tragedy! Seriously, I could feel my heart dying at the prospect of not seeing a large picture of him for another 5 weeks.

And today I was walking past the magazine rack at the newsagents, and I pick up a magazine I often buy for the posters and the reveiws, and WHO IS ON THE FRONT BUT VILLE VALO- IN THE FLESH (well, of course he wasn’t ACTUALLY in the flesh)

So I bought it. And now, the sex god is proudly up on my pin-up board, next to the recently-bisexual-with-his-brother Gerard Way.

Such a sad life I lead, really. I mean, who are these men? They’re alcoholics. They’re drug addicts. They’re usually sex-maniacs who hardly have a life outside their bands. They’re old enough to be my father, and yet still, I worship them. And why? I mean, forgive me Ville, but they aren’t THAT good-looking, and more often than not they’re only average at the guitar. Their lyrics are great but their vocals are fucked-up from all the smoking….

Which so doesn’t change my moving to Finland in a tent. xxx

February 21, 2007

I am having a stress attack about school, and about to burst into tears.

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On Friday afternoon, they’re taking all us Year 11’s on a Boarders Camp somewhere out near the beach. At first, yes, it all sounds quite marvelous, but, for more than one reason I am not looking forward to going.But before that. I made a big song and dance the other day about my mate whom it turns out has feelings for me back.

I turned him down. I just don’t trust myself with long-distance things. I mean, I think I’ve done the mature thing- he does NOT need to be tied down with m, nor I with him… and as cliché as it sounds, when we broke up (which we would), I’d never speak to him again, like a certain other ex.

See my point? But in a way I think I got the best deal- I have a best mate who I admire and who loves me back- and I’m free to kiss random boys whenever I please. J

Back to the camp thing-

Firstly. This school is really into swimming. And I mean REALLY. Let the fact be known that I do not swim- especially in those repulsive school bathers where everyone can see my nipples/cellulite/every other sad sight on show.

So I kinda… fibbed. I told them I cannot swim- like, cannot. As in, never learnt to. Which isn’t really true. I just don’t like swimming- let alone competitively. And this whole “camp”’ thing- I mean, who doesn’t swim at the beach? Me, apparently. So here I’ll be on the sand with undies full of sand, watching everyone enjoying the nice, salty water. Brilliant.

Secondly, I literally have 4 assignment due on Monday- NOT going to happen if I’m away all weekend!!

That’s basically it. I’m stressing out about school, failing tests left right and centre, and yet here I am typing away to you lot- what a bad influence you are! J

Xxx chick

February 19, 2007

Help me please, oh spawn of intelligence!

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It’s not often I say this, my dears- so feel loved. HELP ME! I’m doing a report for school (oh yes, the sheer fun of it all), and I can’t for the life of me find the meaning of the term “served in intelligence”- in regards to war. Like, the man I’m researching served in intelligence- whatever that means- if you guys have any fricken idea, please comment me. Much love, will write soon. xxx

February 14, 2007

Valentinien Day

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This Valentines, I learned a thing or two-

Friends are sometimes right, boys are unpredictable, and things are never as bad as you expect.

In the spirit of the holy day of love, or some other such rubbish, my roomie and numerous other girls who decided their input was necessary convinced me to admit to a certain close mate that my feelings for him were… well, that I had a crush on him.

A non-committal response from him, an offhand comment from me to try and salvage the situation, and alas- he’s been working up the courage to admit the same to me.

I mean, we click. I’ve said it before. But now, we’re… well, where to we go from here? Dating just wouldn’t be possible- Long distance is lame. But can we really just go back to being great mates?

Such trivial dilemmas, I know- and I really should be studying for my Human Bio test tomorrow- but somehow this seems more important- as much as I’m thrilled that the feeling is mutual- the next step is blurred, and saying “follow your heart” just isn’t gonna cut it.

In other news, all the Yr 11-12 boarders went to the boy’s school down the road fro dinner tonight- painful, ridiculous, and less social than spending the week alone in a circular room. The boys were prats- snobbish, immature and lame, and the moment we tried to be friendly, they left the room. So not worth my while.

I think Mum’s coming down in a few weeks for the long weekend- to “surprise” me, of course- it’s a pity my Aunt let it slip last weekend- really, is it too much to keep a secret?

On Saturday me and Boggs (my mate from boarding) are going into the city(this time I think I’ll show a little more self-restraint, money-wise)… and other than that- not a lot else is going on.

Love to all, please be safe- leave a billion comments if you will. xxx

February 10, 2007

It’s all okay- and I need to pee.

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Peter.My mate Peter text me about a month ago, telling me he’d organized to fly over on the same day as me- for moral support and to visit his Mum.It was the most enjoyable plane trip I’ve ever experienced and will be hard to top- not because we did anything overly exciting, but because of how well we get along..Peter and I… we just click. I’ve never connected with a guy that way since Andy left… and of course, since Pete, the ex. Everything he says I can relate to, and he reminds me so much of me it’s uncanny, if not a little alarming. We played charades, then stopped once we both realized how pathetic I was at it, moved on to paper-scissors-rock, listened to MCR and HIM, read Cosmo and generally just did what kids do. When we flew through turbulence and Mum’s face literally went a pale green, we nearly died of laughter, and it was sad to see him leave once we landed. 

Boarding.Boarding school is a far cry from living with Mum and Paul, yet is strangely welcoming- a Westlife song comes to mind but I’m fucked if I can remember the lyrics. The girls there aren’t uber-friendly, by any means- but they know what it’s like to be new and try their hardest to include us newies in their convo’s/activities. I’ve never been new somewhere before and automatically clicked with other people- it usually takes me a month-at least- to find my feet and put myself out there. This time was different. People like me. It’s crazy, I know- but it’s true. 

School. School itself is amazing. All those hours, all those days last year I spent doing nothing… it’s hard not to feel regretful. But then I remember how many great times we had, and how well we all got along- and I wouldn’t go back and change it for the world. That said, all that wasted time means I’ve got a helluva lot to catch up on- but I’ve vowed to do it, and I know I can. But learning- actually learning, getting involved and studying- it does take it out of you. But at the end of the day, I’m happy, because I feel as though what I am doing is something worthwhile. 

Right now.Right now it’s Saturday, February 10, and I’m sitting in my
Nan’s study. I’m here for the weekend, just for a break, and in about half an hour I’ll be going to Nush’s house, where we’ll be spending the night in a tent- in her backyard. Tomorrow we’re off to the city to buy a Valentine’s outfit- on Wednesday the boarders have to go for a Valentine’s dinner at the boy’s school down the road- interesting, to say the least. 

I’ll be back. You can count on that. xx

February 6, 2007

No regrets… whatsoever.

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Prepare to be shocked- I am alive. Not only that, I am loving it here (here being the crazy boarding school my folks had me shipped off to)… School is amazing. The uniform is past horrific, I’ve never felt like so much of a twat in my life, but I can’t beleive it- I am learning. And not just learning, but enjoying learning. When I look back on how many hours I spent at school last year doing little to nothing (usually the latter), it’s hard not to regret it.

Boarding is pretty damn good. The girls aren’t the acid-tongued, bitchy, emotional, territorial monsters I expected, and are, in fact… friendly, if not nice, to me.

I guess this is just a quick post to say, I will be back. I love how you’ve all been commenting, I love the fact that I haven’t yet cried of homesickness, and I love that I can sit here and be honest when i say, “I’m doin fine.”

Expect to hear more from the newly-liberated, still-a-virgin, emotionally stable Happychick. 🙂

(And I’m going to start cross country running when it starts up in Term 3. Yes, running. Me. Shocking, ain’t it??)

xxx chick

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