January 8, 2007

Up Late Update

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Hmmm, update of the current happenings in my life:


         I went over to Rach’s house today- wasn’t half as awkward as anticipated. We swam in her pool, went for a walk along the beach and watched Napoleon Dynamite, afterwards contenting ourselves with Harry Potter (honestly- the whole of Foxtel and we were watching Harry Potter??). She’s such a great girl, faults and all- I mean, I don’t really think she knows how strong she truly is.

         You’ll be interested to know I’ve apologized to my ex for my outburst on Christmas, which basically consisted of hurtful (yet surprisingly releviing) phrases such as “I hate you” and “Never speak to me again” yada yada yada… Putting aside my strong sense of pride, yes I overreacted, but at the time I had reason to.

         Back to work tomorrow… could very well die of boredom and frustration, but assuming that I don’t, I’ll have another $300 by the end of this week. The place is driving me mad- but I guess going back to work is the lesser of two evils- it’s either working and earning money, or staying at home, bored to the point of eating my own arm.

         School is looming closer and closer… not a pretty thought. I may have mentioned this once of twice before, but living with a bunch of hormonal teenagers is not what I would call “appealing”.

         Mum and Step Dad have been acting a little… off, lately. Not 100% sure why. In fact, I think it could be the mere fact that they’re over having kids in the house, and boarding school is a brilliant way to get rid of me, at least for a while.


Alas, my bro is coming over (yes I’m home alone again- what a sad life I lead) and we’re going to get tea… From Chicken Treat. Ugh. As I said to Shona, my family is making me fat.



P.S.(standing for, I have been told- “post script”) I currently am menstruating, and hence, my tummy is bloated, my mood swings are bad (well, worse than usual), and I do think it’s about time that I went to bed.



  1. then goodnight happychick, don’t bite anyone 😉

    Comment by hellboy — January 8, 2007 @ 6.38p01

  2. Making money is better than chewing your arm off any day of the week. Of course I’m a workaholic so my advice may not be the best in that area.

    Your Mum may be preparing herself for the separation when you go to boarding school. Detaching.

    Comment by Sandra — January 9, 2007 @ 6.38p01

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