December 22, 2006


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Ah, the seemingly “unbearable” moments of being a teenager. Me, being the sensible girl who, when feeling stressed, lonely and deprived, sets out to do something about it, well- I did something about it.

Yesterday I went to “Daniels” house. Well, I went to the hotel where Daniel is living as a kitchen hand with his brother.

It took me about an hour the night before to convince Mum to let me go. I mean, he’s a boy. He lives/works at a hotel. Along with other reasons, I can only assume Mum thought I was on the rebound, and was trying to stop me from jumping into some randoms bed because I was “broken-hearted”. Having a cop for a Mum can be the fricken pits sometimes.

But she let me go. Her and her partner dropped me off in the police car. When we got there, what did I expect, she INTERROGATED him. I could have DIED.

“How old are you?” and “What do you plan to do today?”, and all this was followed up by “Be careful and don’t get into any trouble”. A death-stare and a cloud of dust later, she was gone.

It was probably the most humiliating moment of my life. But what a laugh! Daniel thought it was hilarious too, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

We went into the kitchen and met his friend Crystal who made us lunch (mmm steak sandwiches- so many calories), he taught me how to play pool (hmmm… I guess I’m not a natural after all), then we went into the hotel swimming pool. We were the only ones there so it was pretty fun.

I feel kinda bad for him. I mean, when your mates go through things, you do too. He’s been kicked out by his dad and jerked around by his ex (whom he spent the whole day bringing into the conversation and then hating himself for it)… and he’s been lonely as hell out there, spending his days with adults- at least we had some “kid” time, messing about, play fighting- as you do.

His ex was infuriated when she found out I was there. So she whined to my ex, and I don’t know how he took it. But really, I don’t care. People always say “girls and boys can be just friends”, but when push comes to shove I’m suddenly a cheating whore-bag (despite the fact that I’m single).

Point is, I had fun. We had fun. And he’s one of my only mates right now who’s not judging me.

Afterwards, Mum picked me up and we all went out to the beach. We watched some turtles lay their eggs, got fish n chips and then came home. The End.


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