December 21, 2006


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Woah, I had a major mental breakdown last night. I’m trying not to dwell too much on it, b/c Mum said I have been “picking out the negatives in life lately”… Truth is, I just feel like my life has turned to shit. Work is more stressful/annoying/bitchy/hot than it has ever been, my relationship turned to shit and I basically am doubting anything any of my few remaining mates are saying.

On the plus side, I’m going out to my mates’ place in a little while- just trying to make Mum come home from work and take me (as if I’ma walk that far in this God forsaken heat!)

Umm… I’ve been trying to fix Cate up with the hot trolley boy- but he doesn’t know who she is as of yet, and so… well, I’m working on it.

The other day I bought a new CD… The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance. It’s pretty awesome and was even worth the three whole minutes I had to be served by a girl whom I dislike severely at the moment.

Yesterday I went to the shops (on my lonesome L ) and bought The Breakfast Club (yes, I found it!!) and Napoleon Dynamite (haha “Do the chickens have large talons?”)…

Shona said that “back in the day” her dad looked exactly like Napoleons brother Kip. :p

Hmmm… I got AJ to take my shift today, so this arvo when Mum picks me up from said mates’ house, we are all going to the beach. “we” being Mum and my family, along with all their mates from work, so they all sit on the beach and get drunk while I sit on the beach and get sand in my shorts. Ah, such memorable family times. J


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  1. Wow, archetypal teen outsider movies from two different generations. The same and yet very, very different.

    Comment by Mr Angry — December 21, 2006 @ 6.38p12

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