December 20, 2006

Stuck on a desert island, eh?

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I was sorting out my computer files today (what an exciting life I lead), and I came across several of those weird little quizzes I have the tendency to indulge myself in when I’m bored. There was one with a question that goes along the lines of “If you were stuck on a desert island for the rest of eternity who would you be there with?” Of course, Ville Valo came to mind. Hot, talented, my future husband… but then, I’d probably end up all smelly with knotty hair, and I sure don’t want the man of my dreams to see me like that. Anushka would be my next choice, naturally. What with the “best friends” label and all. But we both know that I’d end up mooshing her head against a rock because she’d butt in while I was talking to Wilson or whatever sporting ball I became friends with. Some people would choose their Mum… Not me, I’ve seen what she’s like without her thyroid medication. I think she’d moosh my head against a rock just for something to do. As for my RACK mates… well, Rach would drive me batty- she gets so damn emotional over small things- she’d cry so much she’d dissolve. Cate would be all “boys, boys, boys… whinge about my mates” (as you do), to the point where I may have to go “Van Gough” on her and slice off my ears. Kirah? Well, she’d probably try to take advantage of my (you never know with my sexually-experienced mate), and personally, I’m not really up for any experimentation at the mo. And so, it occurs to me- perhaps I wouldn’t want to be stuck on an island with anyone? Perhaps I’d be “better of alone”, as Avril puts it. Indeed, I think the answer may be yes, unless Ville becomes blind overnight and loses his sense of smell- then we could hang out for eternity and I’d have not a worry in the world.


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  1. you can take me and you wont get bored cos i change moods so quickly that you need eternity to adjust 😉
    but do i wanna be prisoned in an island till eternity with an aussie girl like you?!? naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah LOL

    Comment by hellboy — December 20, 2006 @ 6.38p12

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