December 8, 2006

School’s, out-for-summer!

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The last day of school was… the last day of school. I’d be lying if I said it was a great day- but then, I’ve never actually had a great last-day-of-school, so I have no fond memory to compare today with.

Like the past 3-4 days, nothing even slightly productive was done. I’ve never really understood the reason schools have “The Last Week”- no work gets done, the reports are finished so we all act like maniacs and know nothing can be done about it… I reckon they should just can school after the reports have been written- I do not need to watch another animated movie in my life- that’s all we’ve been doing for the past 3 days. Over the Hedge, Ice Age,

Actually, that’s a lie. We did watch The Breakfast Club. And Bowling for Columbine. And Gatica.

But really- stop overloading my brain with this nonsense!

So, aerobics was our last lesson. It’s funny, we all have a new-found respect for Miss WW- none of us could keep up with her grapevines and her kicks and her lunges… Yet another problem with my generation- they’re all so damn unfit.
In one way I’m glad school’s over. In another, I’m scared. Basically, the decisions I make, and the amount of effort I put in, in the next 2 years, has a very profound effect on my entire life. It’s quite daunting- I’m a Year 11. And with that come a helluva lot of responsibilities.

On the plus side, good riddance CVC!!! Dammit, so many on-fond memories to look back on. So many times I wished I could just shrivel up and die. So many work packages, so many lectures…

I’ll never miss something so much in my life.

That’s all really on the home front- flying out on Sunday, can’t wait to get back to the heat. And work. And the flies (have I mentioned that before?).*


No more school!!!!!!!!!! Xx chick

(*- this sentence was written entirely in sarcasm)



  1. omg I’m sooo going to miss you, you don’t understand. when you first came to the school again i was like oh its her (yes me being all judgmental and all) but then i got to know you, and know you some more until now it’s hard to actually realize that I may never see you or your pancake thighs (hahaha not) again. And this afternoon with our Gupta and Salsa goodbye, it was quite difficult for me not to run over and start making a complete idiot of myself. So anyway good luck at your new school and i really hope we can catch up.
    Later Dude
    Luv Courtney
    PS Aerobics was the best ever i feel all fit and stuff

    Comment by Courtney — December 8, 2006 @ 6.38p12

  2. have a nice safe trip back home 🙂

    Comment by hellboy — December 8, 2006 @ 6.38p12

  3. Hey you … well congrats on being out of school I suppose. You’ll make good judgment calls im sure … However, yes people are fairly unfit these days … but I’m sure it doesn’t even compare to the US “obesity epidemic” …it’s quite frankly , sad.

    Comment by thestunts — December 8, 2006 @ 6.38p12

  4. Ah, Courtney- yes, our “Gupta” and “Salsa” yesterday was pretty much on the top end of the embarrassment scale- thankfully, I shall not be going back to that school next year… alas, you shall be. Haha. Will also miss you too, and you stomach, and your skin, and your smartness… lol.
    Hellboy- Thankyou. If we have a plane crash it will not be such a nice safe trip, but alas- what can one do about such unfortunate instances?
    Juan- Obesity Epidemic? That is terrible. And now all your “fast food chains” have come to our “lucky country”… oh well, we can all get fat together… and die.

    Comment by happychick — December 9, 2006 @ 6.38p12

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