December 6, 2006

Mrs. Hyde. Mrs. Ben. Miss Bitchy!

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In some ways I’m much like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. By that I mean that, while I think of myself as a nice person, and I rarely get too nasty toward anyone, some days I’m just… well, I’m mean. In fact, more than mean. It scares me to death that I go out of my way to upset another. Who does that? What kind of monster must I be to intentionally hurt someone- especially my best friend?

Today was one of my Hyde days. My behavior sounds so disgusting when I think about it now, but what started me off was rudeness. Well, Anushka’s rudeness. Not unlike myself (which is probably why it annoyed me so profoundly), she has the tendency to be overbearing. And, most frustratingly, she butts in while others are talking. Yes, it may seem petty, but it really gets on my nerves when a person repeats the same pet-hate over and over… and over.

Not only that, but things seemed to go from bad to worse. Our English class is full of a bunch of infantile morons who find it funny to make fart noises during an assessment (yes, I’m serious. 15 years old. Leaders of tomorrow? They couldn’t lead themselves out of a one-way tunnel.) And our “class-party”, as predicted, was flop. We sat around and listened to (code-name) “Dan” the muso play, and play, and (although you wouldn’t believe it) play his stupid guitar. I mean for God’s sake- we know you’re a good musician!!!

Ah, and the big fat topping on the “Really, really crap day” cake was the fact that I had to sit there and watch Break-a-leg Ben play in the senior-school band. It was excruciating. The fact that any single person in the world could be that hot is too unbelievable for words. And he plays the drums. The drums!! Drum players are hot. Drums are hot. Music is hot. Ben is hot. Seriously. I could hardly bear to watch as I fought the urge to throw myself at him (hahaha… no, really.). The worst thing was, as emo, “my-life-is-over-because-of-a-boy” as this will sound… he’s not mine. And chances are I’ll never end up with him, or anyone like him, for that matter.

I knew I was acting like an obsessed loser and wanted so badly to get out of the teenage girl “crush” trap, so I told myself over and over that more likely than not, he has an ego problem, and that, rumor has it, the boy is an arrogant bastard.

Somehow, that didn’t have the effect I was planning on. I still wanted to have the arrogant bastard’s babies.



  1. ‘no comment’ bout my butt-ins, miss hypocrtite! at least the hat is still my friend/s…
    luv Anushka xoxoxo

    Comment by Anushka — December 6, 2006 @ 6.38p12

  2. i bet his other band isnt as good as happy happy happy happy happy happy happy

    Comment by wallywally — December 6, 2006 @ 6.38p12

  3. Well thankyou, Captain Obviuos! It is well-known thatr no other band, no matter the hot-rating of their main singer, could be better than “Happy Happy Happy”- it’s simply not possible, and I’d never suggest that a professional was a better singer than a high-school moron in his tryhard Converses who thinks he can play guitar.

    Comment by happychick — December 7, 2006 @ 6.38p12

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