December 4, 2006

I’ve just noticed that I have really cute toes…

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This time next week I’ll be home. Now, there are pro’s and cons to that statement: Good= I’ll see my Mama again. Bad= As much as I need the money, I’ll be working my ass off Bad= It’ll be 45 degrees (Celsius) every single day, and hence I will not be able to walk outside without suffering 3rd degree burns on my extremities. Good= It’ll be Christmas soon and we’re going up north to get away from it all. Bad= The flies where I live are so putrid and revolting that you physically cannot open your mouth to eat outdoors, and people walk around with mesh over their heads (it would be funny if I were kidding) Good= I’ll be earning money with people whose company I enjoy. Bad= I’ll have to face up to a certain something I’ve been dreading for weeks. A moment of truth, so to speak. And of course, young Andy is coming over from England, but we’re gonna miss each other by 3 STINKING DAYS! Which is totally the most awful thing I think could happen right now. Haha remember that time I went to the zoo and the rhino splashed me? Well, the rhino… stuff, is consequently stained onto my favorite t-shirt of all time  This afternoon I did something I’ve not done for a while- I went shopping by myself. I got something for Pete, gifts for my three babes back home, a 2007 diary for Mama, a gold=plated key ring for Paul (best gift ever!), and I even refrained myself from buying junk food while I was out. So proud of myself. This daylight savings BS is messing with my head. The sun’s still up at 8.30! WTF? What is this? Crazy-ness!!!! Yesterday at the city, we saw Peta- totally the biggest slut I’ve ever met and a whole year younger than us. I mean seriously, who does she think she is, strutting around with hardly any clothes on and an attitude that would offend Kevin Bloody Wilson. If that’s not bad enough, I swear to God she’s stalking me! (Yes I am paranoid and self-obsessed to the point I can almost believe this). I see her everywhere. *HONK* awkward moment. Talk soon, xxx chick



  1. bad: 45C is well too high i guess, i’ll be dead
    good: you know how to use a few clothes and well you’re funny, wanna get in those flies, look funny

    Comment by hellboy — December 4, 2006 @ 6.38p12

  2. On the plus side – you have really cute toes. You can go a long way with cute toes 🙂

    Comment by Mr Angry — December 5, 2006 @ 6.38p12

  3. I could go further with a cute face- but that doesn’t seem to be ahppening for me…

    Comment by happychick — December 7, 2006 @ 6.38p12

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