December 1, 2006

Hello Gugenheim

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On my way home from school today these little Year 7 kids tried to abduct me. No kidding, they were like, 12 years old. Apparently one of them was my mate Aaron’s cousin (explaining why he was so unbearably annoying and much too obsessed with the female anatomy), and the other was Ryan’s little bro (explaining why the kid should’ve been in therapy with an older brother who has the maturity of a 3 and a half year old)…

They went all creepy-like, saying “We’ll block your way so you have nowhere to go”, and “Come to my house and play X-BOX coz you’re hot and we’ll force you to…”

I was alarmed. I put on my best “Mrs. Doubtfire” voice and said “Shoo, little critters, shoo!”… Shutup, it did the trick eventually. J

So I’m sleeping at Nush’s on Saturday, and on Sunday we’re going to the city with Courtney, who has a modeling shoot (seriously, what kind of job is that? Getting paid hundreds for people to take photo’s of you? Sign me up!!). I’ve got to finish up my Christmas shopping for 2006.

Instead of going to Woodwork today, our teacher Mr. Hoo (nicknamed “Dr. Who” for obvious reasons) sent us into “aerobics”, where we learned old-style waltz dancing. I was more than a little embarrassed when our teacher turned out to be fitter than all of us put together… Anyway, when I got home, in the exercise mood (which, BTW, isn’t very often), I took
Nan’s dog Gypsy for a walk. And God, I miss living here! The nice weather, the beautiful scenery- it’s a place like this I want my kid/s to grow up in. Stable, safe, family-orientated. Beautiful.

So then I went down to the deli, where I saw CB and Amy, who are kinda… uh… (*HONK*- awkward moment), and I bought stamps and credit.

Afterwards I came home, wrote a letter to Kk, and now, here I am, feeling content that I actually accomplished something today. J xx chick xx


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  1. hahaha gugenheim.. ok so maybe its only me that finds that funny but it sounds like some little man who sits in the printer and gives you your paper like off men in black 😀 hahaha yes CB.. hmm not exactly the nicest of people. lol little kids tried to abduct you how traumatising

    Comment by voguevictim — December 2, 2006 @ 6.38p12

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