December 31, 2006

ohemgee you’ll never guess who I saw!

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Anushka!! Mum and I just went to the shopping centre for some last-minute New Years’ stuff (we are, yet again, holding a “get together” at our house… with that slightly hot but taken cow-milking guy I told you about…

Anyway, here we are, driving to the shops when we are at an intersection with a L-Plates driver… and guess who it was??

Chris! Chris Van De… something.

Funny thing was, I was waving like a lunatic, but I don’t think he recognized me. Or perhaps he was just concentrating on driving. He actually looked heaps older (and kinda cute :p).

Problem is, I don’t have his number so can’t call him to catch up. Meh, I’ll ask Dylan- they know each other.

         To all you guys who’re reading this and have NFI what I’m talking about, it goes like this:

: When I was going to school in the city, I met a guy named Chris; he was in mine and Ansuhka’s Food and Fashion class.

: Turns out, his Dad works in this town, and he was going to visit him on the holidays (ie. now)

: I saw him today, in the car.


Random coincidence, which isn’t all so random when you think about this town and how small it is.


HAPPY NEW YEARS’ EVERYONE!! I shall spend the night at home with my family (joy), talking to the hot but taken cow-milking guy I have apparently known since I was 4. Long story- tell you later.) xxx


December 30, 2006


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Christmas. You either love it or you hate it, they say. Most people I know are of the former state of mind. My Step Dad is of the latter, but this comes as no surprise as he hates almost everything, in general.

This is the first Christmas I’ve spent away from home. This year my olds decided a change was necessary. So they packed us up, and took us on a 6 hour road trip to “get away from it all”.

I must admit, the week away was just what I needed to put things back into perspective and figure out what’s important.

Like a scene from a movie, the beach was pristine and deserted. Sure, it was hot, but the sea breeze was awesome.  And the tropical storm. There we were, sitting on the beach in the hot sun, and the next minute we were running for shelter like crazy loonies on loony tablets.

I got a laptop for Chrissie and so I recorder some of the events there:

Wednesday 27th

Today was a great day. I had a great day today. In fact, for a long time, I haven’t had a day as great as today was. Sure, I had a breakout. But basically, apart from that, my day was… great. Usually, “hang out with the folks” days are boring, painful or humiliating- often all three at one time. But today was different. As I may have mentioned, it was great.

Starting with a shopping spree (which no girl can a) avoid b) resist c) dislike), I went a little mad, buying bathers, tees and jeans. But I blame that on Mum, who seems to think that in order to survive in the jungle that is boarding school I must have new/expensive/brand-name everything… not that I’m complaining, I mean, it’s not as if I dislike in any way, shape or form owning new/expensive/brand-name clothes…


So we get back from shopping, which, most surprisingly, did not involve one fight, sook or dummy spit from any party, and we go… strap yourselves in, boys and girls… on a Camel Ride along the beach.. It was actually really, really fun. Made my ass more than a little numb, but on the plus side, there were a few relatively hot guys on the camels behind us :p. One of the guys who took us on the “trek” along the beach was highly amusing. He was obviously a “camel buff”, if that is even a thing. He owns a camel, takes it across the desert, competes in camel races (camel races. Alarming!!) I mean, he was hilarious. The whole thing was very informative, with his anecdotes about camels, his stories about camels, facts about camels, history of camels… Highly interesting, and something different. Another thing to tick off of my “to do list”, and as Mum says “at 15 you’re not doing so bad”.


The trek ended at 7.30, so we pretty much raced home, at a ham sandwich each for dinner (such healthy eating habits I’ve grown up with) and out again to the outdoor cinema- to watch a movie under the starts/moons/incoming planes flying exceptionally low. We saw “Eragon”, you know, the movie about the dragon riders? It was actually really cool. Great, even. There’s not very much more a person can say about a movie. 7/10, I guess.

So we come home and here we are watching ER. We ate pudding and custard for supper, yet another healthy meal in the Happychick household, and I’m about to turn off the laptop, brush my teeth, wait, yawning and weary for the end of ER and go to bed.




That’s right- a Camel Ride!! Haha. I’ve pretty much decided that when me and Nush go backpacking around Aus, we are definitely going there. It was amazing.


Oh, and the “anonymous” commenter (yes, I know who you are my dear- sore losers are not hard to spot), whose email is (feel free to spam) is basically one of those silly morons who try to act hardcore with a keyboard: Fighting online is like competing in the Special Olympics- even if you win you’re still a retard. But really, feel free to comment- I shall sit back and laugh at your stupidity.  But I will not reply as that involves effort I do not have.


Much love to all, hope you didn’t miss me too much :p

December 23, 2006

Take a moment

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Look in the mirror. Smile, wink and poke out your tongue.

Note that you have seductive eyes or cute dimples when you smile.

Know that, despite that pimple/freckle/wrinkle, you love the person who is looking back.

Take a moment, just one, to think about what it is about you that makes you, you.

That makes you special.

Remember that time he broke your heart and laugh at how you over-exaggerated.

Lie on the grass/carpet/floorboards and look around.

Know that this will be the only time you’ll ever experience this moment, and live it. Love it.

Stop disliking, hating, looking for the negatives.

Have coffee with three sugars or buy flowers just for you.

Hold your own hand.

Hold your head high.

Know that you are who you are and that will never change.


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I’ve kept a journal since I was about 13.As you’d expect, I’ve been through quite a few exercise books. Yesterday I uncovered a few. It was quite revealing, to say the least. One particular entry was just before I moved from the city out here. I’m actually quite ashamed of some of the things I said, and more so, I’m shocked at how much I have changed over the past 12 months.

I talked about how I dreaded moving here. I was racist toward those people who weren’t like me. I dwelled on small things that, when I look back on now make me laugh. It’s funny, I’ve matured so much over this past year that I hardly recognize the silly little girl who wrote those things. But I can still relate to her, and I don’t think that will change in the years to come.

If there is one thing I’m looking forward to, in terms of getting older, apart from the normal strictly-18 activities like driving and nightclubs and whatever, it’s looking back. Seeing who I was. Seeing who I am. Wondering how I’ll be when I’m older. But until then I’ll stick to being a kid, and acting like one, too.

December 22, 2006


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Ah, the seemingly “unbearable” moments of being a teenager. Me, being the sensible girl who, when feeling stressed, lonely and deprived, sets out to do something about it, well- I did something about it.

Yesterday I went to “Daniels” house. Well, I went to the hotel where Daniel is living as a kitchen hand with his brother.

It took me about an hour the night before to convince Mum to let me go. I mean, he’s a boy. He lives/works at a hotel. Along with other reasons, I can only assume Mum thought I was on the rebound, and was trying to stop me from jumping into some randoms bed because I was “broken-hearted”. Having a cop for a Mum can be the fricken pits sometimes.

But she let me go. Her and her partner dropped me off in the police car. When we got there, what did I expect, she INTERROGATED him. I could have DIED.

“How old are you?” and “What do you plan to do today?”, and all this was followed up by “Be careful and don’t get into any trouble”. A death-stare and a cloud of dust later, she was gone.

It was probably the most humiliating moment of my life. But what a laugh! Daniel thought it was hilarious too, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

We went into the kitchen and met his friend Crystal who made us lunch (mmm steak sandwiches- so many calories), he taught me how to play pool (hmmm… I guess I’m not a natural after all), then we went into the hotel swimming pool. We were the only ones there so it was pretty fun.

I feel kinda bad for him. I mean, when your mates go through things, you do too. He’s been kicked out by his dad and jerked around by his ex (whom he spent the whole day bringing into the conversation and then hating himself for it)… and he’s been lonely as hell out there, spending his days with adults- at least we had some “kid” time, messing about, play fighting- as you do.

His ex was infuriated when she found out I was there. So she whined to my ex, and I don’t know how he took it. But really, I don’t care. People always say “girls and boys can be just friends”, but when push comes to shove I’m suddenly a cheating whore-bag (despite the fact that I’m single).

Point is, I had fun. We had fun. And he’s one of my only mates right now who’s not judging me.

Afterwards, Mum picked me up and we all went out to the beach. We watched some turtles lay their eggs, got fish n chips and then came home. The End.

December 21, 2006


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Woah, I had a major mental breakdown last night. I’m trying not to dwell too much on it, b/c Mum said I have been “picking out the negatives in life lately”… Truth is, I just feel like my life has turned to shit. Work is more stressful/annoying/bitchy/hot than it has ever been, my relationship turned to shit and I basically am doubting anything any of my few remaining mates are saying.

On the plus side, I’m going out to my mates’ place in a little while- just trying to make Mum come home from work and take me (as if I’ma walk that far in this God forsaken heat!)

Umm… I’ve been trying to fix Cate up with the hot trolley boy- but he doesn’t know who she is as of yet, and so… well, I’m working on it.

The other day I bought a new CD… The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance. It’s pretty awesome and was even worth the three whole minutes I had to be served by a girl whom I dislike severely at the moment.

Yesterday I went to the shops (on my lonesome L ) and bought The Breakfast Club (yes, I found it!!) and Napoleon Dynamite (haha “Do the chickens have large talons?”)…

Shona said that “back in the day” her dad looked exactly like Napoleons brother Kip. :p

Hmmm… I got AJ to take my shift today, so this arvo when Mum picks me up from said mates’ house, we are all going to the beach. “we” being Mum and my family, along with all their mates from work, so they all sit on the beach and get drunk while I sit on the beach and get sand in my shorts. Ah, such memorable family times. J

December 20, 2006

Stuck on a desert island, eh?

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I was sorting out my computer files today (what an exciting life I lead), and I came across several of those weird little quizzes I have the tendency to indulge myself in when I’m bored. There was one with a question that goes along the lines of “If you were stuck on a desert island for the rest of eternity who would you be there with?” Of course, Ville Valo came to mind. Hot, talented, my future husband… but then, I’d probably end up all smelly with knotty hair, and I sure don’t want the man of my dreams to see me like that. Anushka would be my next choice, naturally. What with the “best friends” label and all. But we both know that I’d end up mooshing her head against a rock because she’d butt in while I was talking to Wilson or whatever sporting ball I became friends with. Some people would choose their Mum… Not me, I’ve seen what she’s like without her thyroid medication. I think she’d moosh my head against a rock just for something to do. As for my RACK mates… well, Rach would drive me batty- she gets so damn emotional over small things- she’d cry so much she’d dissolve. Cate would be all “boys, boys, boys… whinge about my mates” (as you do), to the point where I may have to go “Van Gough” on her and slice off my ears. Kirah? Well, she’d probably try to take advantage of my (you never know with my sexually-experienced mate), and personally, I’m not really up for any experimentation at the mo. And so, it occurs to me- perhaps I wouldn’t want to be stuck on an island with anyone? Perhaps I’d be “better of alone”, as Avril puts it. Indeed, I think the answer may be yes, unless Ville becomes blind overnight and loses his sense of smell- then we could hang out for eternity and I’d have not a worry in the world.

December 18, 2006

Rebound (or lack of it)

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Just a quick note to say that I have been working my (now surprisingly skinny) ass of this past week. The aircon is broke at work (stupid town- everything sucks), but on the plus side, I’ve almost made up for the thousand bucks or some other crazy amount that I spent while I was away.

I made Anushka rent out “The Breakfast Club”, and she did, simply because she is my best friend and did what all besties do- she got involved in my latest obsession. Now, we’re both a little confused as to whether or not Clare and Bender “did it” in the closet, but alas, there are more important things to worry myself with.

I agreed to go out (not “go out”, just go out) with a guy I sorta know named Jake. Now, strictly mates, right, because the last thing I’m about to do is go all rebound on the poor guy. Then he asked me what his chances were, and, as rude as it sounds, I laughed my friggen ass off. I guess it was the way he said it. I said “not at the moment”, or something to the same effect, and as far as I know, we are just mates again.

UGH work this afternoon. I’m so going to die if I ever have to get a full-time job. And let me tell you, it won’t be at some fast-food joint in the stinking heat.

Must go now, the fast-food joint in the stinking heat calls.

December 14, 2006

New Years Awaits.

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I’m one of those people who make New Years Resolutions. You know, start over on January 1st, persist with whatever life-improvement I’ve chosen this year for a couple of months, then get so wrapped up in it all that I forget what my NYR was in the first place. This year will be no different. My New Year Resolution? To spend more time enjoying the company of those around me, and keeping in touch with those who’re not.

You can’t change a person.

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I’m not perfect- I’ll be the first to admit it. But I’m a pretty decent person. I do what I think is right- I care about other people’s feelings- I defend the underdog. When I’m wrong, I can generally overcome my tendency to be stubborn and apologize or try to fix my mistake.

But I’m a teenager. I bitch. I succumb to temptation. I spill secrets. It’s in our making, as a human being, to be like that.

I guess I just expect other people to be as good a person as I am- in fact, I put those I know and care for up on a pedestal and expect from them nothing less than utter decency and politeness, all of the time. I don’t like to think my mates are human- that they too, mess up. That they too have bad traits.

Like when the boy you care about calls you “bitchy” before you can defend yourself. Or when your mate backstabs you, whether intentional or not- when she does something that you’d never consider- no matter the temptation. Even when your parents forget to pick you up or whatever.

The point is no-one is perfect and I can usually accept that. The only thing is, I’ve been trying so hard of late to make myself a better person- it doesn’t seem fair that those around me aren’t attempting the same.

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