November 30, 2006

There’ll be no money-jingling for me this festive season.

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Alas, Christmas is upon us once more. Anushka and I started the dreaded “Christmas shopping” yesterday, when a short trip to “Livo” (Oh God, Oh God Oh God Oh God… do not call it Livo. Do not call it Livo. Do NOT call it Livo!!) Ahem. Moving on. When a short trip to our local shopping centre turned into a combined $100 shopping spree. In my defense, she spent $80, as opposed to my #31.89.

I got my older bro, who just got his apprenticeship, BTW J, a book called “The Betrayed”, by David Hosp. I don’t actually know what it’s about, but I half-read the blurb and it sounds pretty my-bro-ish.

After a consultation with Anushka, I have decided to get Mum one of those weird foot-rolly-massage things. We saw one at a friend’s house and Mum fell in love. But honestly, she must be the most difficult person I’ve ever had to buy for.

Except my Step-Dad, Paul. Because fishing is his only hobby/interest/thing he doesn’t hate, other than drinking and working, we settled on a fishing knife- engraved with something deep and meaningful, which I have yet to think of.

As for the three musketeers- the gorgeous girls who I will never find replacements for, and had a very hard time leaving behind- I’m thinking I’ll get them each a little glass angel- because they are, really, my angels.

As for Pete, as he made read this I shall go into no specifics… but I am poor, so he best not be expecting much J

Alas, Christmas is one of those things, like beetroot and parents-in-law. You either love it dearly, and put up all your sparkling lights, or else you hate it- and want to stomp on its face and wonder how your beloved ever came from the womb of such a beast. Oh. Hmm. I mean, either you love the Big Fat Red Man, or you hate him. J

And I do enjoy Christmas- it really makes me feel part of something bigger than myself. J xxxx


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  1. Wow! I didn’t think that you had it in you to love Christmas.

    Comment by Anonymous — February 12, 2011 @ 6.38p02

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