November 27, 2006

Once smallpox was eradicated, God made my Nan…

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The old saying goes “You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends.” And it’s very, very true. For, if I could choose those who make up my family, I certainly would not have chosen my Nanna and Pop- two of the most unbearable people I have ever met.

Bossy. Manipulative. Bitchy, Nasty, Cold. Controlling, Hypocritical, Racist and Judgmental. That’s my
Nan to a T. She treats my Pop with little to no respect, talking down to him as you would to a dog that had an accident in your bed. How he stands it is beyond me- but then again, they’ve been at it for years. She has an urge to control absolutely everything, and stresses herself out worrying about other people’s problems. She swears like a trooper, and when something goes wrong, it magically becomes someone else’s fault.

And my Pop? Useless, old and senile, the man has lost his mind. And his hearing too, might I add. Every time I talk to the loud, happy-go-lucky old idiot I see the onset of dementia.

And now I’ve concreted myself in the “World’s Most Awful Person” Hall of Fame, I’d like to say this- after what was said above, after pretty much stripping my Grandparents of any Web-dignity, they mean well. After all, they took me in, years after their own teenagers left home. And they would do anything for one of their own- which is a lot more than can be said for a lot of the other moron’s roaming this earth.

So to all you control-freaks, to those of you who are deaf (or just have selective hearing), and mostly, to you Grandparents (*cough Sandra), I don’t mind. I’d rather have to olds I’ve been stuck with than anybody else’s. J


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  1. Good for you Chick for picking your own old folk over anyone elses. 😀

    By the way – I love the title. lmao

    Comment by Sandra — November 29, 2006 @ 6.38p11

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