November 22, 2006

Envy and Vanity go hand in hand.

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In a perfect world, jealousy would be an emotion one did not feel very often- rather than the horrible twinge I fight so hard to keep at bay everyday. It’s not as though I dislike myself- but there are definitely areas for improvement. I mean, I could do with Courtney’s stomach. The expression “Washboard”, when referring to a tummy, had never meant anything to me. Until that day in the city when Courtz was wearing that uber-hot orange top… And Lisa’s skin- I’ve seen that girl every day at school for ten months, and not once was she shiny or sporting a pimple. I mean, is that even possible? Her skin was flawless- not a fleck of makeup in sight. I could do with Andy’s sense of humor- some people come across as weird- some come across as funny. Andy comes across as completely abnormal but with a sense of humour that outweighs any of his flaws. And I wouldn’t mind having Ellie K’s thighs- they’re far from stick-thin, which just makes me feel ill, but are also a far cry from the things I have over here spreading out like pancake batter… And, I would totally kill to have Jeff’s brains. Not only is the kid a walking genius, he’s a fricken champ at basically every sport he tries… Some people have all the luck. I mean, there are so many people I feel envy towards every day. But it’s a good sort of envy, I think. I mean, I’ve not yet clawed anyone’s eyes out. I’m genuinely happy that these people have been blessed with good genes. That said, it can get a little much seeing the natural beauty going on around me all day, every day.



  1. My first comment on your blog, I feel that I am somewhat intruding but I did have to thankyou for your comment about my stomach :).
    Anyway there are so many things about you that ooze a great level of gorgeousness, for example your freckles seriously I would kill to have freckles like that, but instead I got stuck with a couple from the sun randomly placed on my cheeks. Another thing is your legs, seriously you cant say you dont like them… there is nothing wrong with them and many people would give their right arm to have them 😀
    luv ya Courtz

    Comment by Courtney — November 22, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  2. I know you must be just PERFECT, exactly the way you are!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    I am grateful you stumbled into my life and stayed. 😀

    Comment by Sandra — November 23, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  3. Then again, very few people of any age, let alone your tender years, can express themselves as well as you do. That is not a gift to be taken lightly.

    Comment by Mr Angry — November 24, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  4. agree with all of the above, eerrr should i add something nicer? then what will you gimme in return?

    Comment by hellboy — November 25, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  5. Courtney, you are a laugh. 🙂
    Sandra- now, I know it’s an American thing, but what exactly is Thanksgiving? If it involves a public holiday, then we should definitely start celabrating it in Aus.
    “Tender Years”? Hahaha you really are showing yor age, Mr. A. Tender years, really…
    Keith, I honestly don’t know how you always seem to come across as a biatch, yet we still love you… Alas, some things are impossible to understand.

    Comment by happychick — November 26, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  6. me like a bitch? hhmmm guess cos of the plastic surgery i had on my brain, i really dont wanna sound like that but seems i was created like that *~*
    btw thanks for loving me, that was the best you could give, lemme think of something good about you…. errrrr … hhhhmmm. … well aint it cool to be a happy chick 🙂

    Comment by hellboy — November 26, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  7. gee Ash, where’s my bit of the envy bargain? i love you just the way you are! if you had courtney’s stomach or ellie’s thighs i fear i’d have to start envying you, an emotion i don’t feel all too often, seeing as we are roughly the same build. then again ur skinnier than me (pancake batter my arse!)dunno what ur complaining about!
    love you lots chicken , have fun camping!
    -anushka xoxo

    Comment by ilovepaperclips — November 26, 2006 @ 6.38p11

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