November 10, 2006


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In Australia, when you turn 16, you’re eligible for your Learner’s Permit, or L-plates. This enables you to practice, with a qualified driver present, driving on the road. After you have completed 25 hours of practice, and had your “log-book” signed, you then get a practical test with a driving instructor, and if you pass, you get your Provisional License, or P-Plates. This means you can drive alone, just like a regular full-license driver, only with more restrictions, for 3 years (I think), and then you get your License. Ah, the ever-illusive license.
The reason I’m going into all that boring stuff about licenses and stuff is because the Government (always thinking of more stupid things to waste their money on) decided it was a good idea for the L-Plate theory test to be done at school by Year 10’s (15 year olds), and if they pass, when they turn 16 they simply go into to licensing centre and flash the certificate to get their L-plates. Following me so far?
So last week we all sat the “L-Plates theory test”, and today we found out the results. I passed with 28/30. Not bad for someone who’d not revised, I thought. Anushka, my ever-impressive bestie beat us all with 30/30. Trust her to show me up :p
Wow, that was a lot of typing just to say “I passed a test”…
So I’m back at Nan’s tonight- No more crazy church-people!!! (Did I mention I’d been staying with my Aunt and her Priest-husband, not to mention their two kids under 5, for the past week?) And to make things one-hundred million times better than they are now, Mum’s coming to visit on Monday. That’s 3 days away, guys. Just 3!
I totally can’t wait to go back home. I really can’t. But thankfully, most of the teary homesickness type crap has gone away…
Had a few problems with jealousy and the like, lately, but at the risk of sounding silly and possessive, I’ll not talk about it and just try to let it go.
 Considerably more enthusiastic about this weekend, much love, xxxx chick.



  1. I’m glad you’re happier now. Congrats on passing the test. We all new you were the smartest. Your bestie was just lucky! Look out world our happychick will be on the road soon.

    Comment by Sandra — November 10, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  2. OMG, Chick is gonna be driving?!!? Alert the media! 😀

    Comment by The Bastard — November 10, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  3. you know im always here for you ash. latley it feels as if you are pushing me away. “desperate for you solitude” i thought in my desair of not being with you. i thought you wanted time to think things through, time to be alone with your thoughts time away from time and more importantly everyone else. reading your blog today has made feel sad in the sense that perhaps i have not lived up to my title as ‘bestie’. i should be the one standing right beside you in your moments of disdraught, i should have been the one to make you feel alright, i should have been the one on the phone to you when you were all alone at night telling you all was good through your constant sobs. i dont’t know how to say this ash but i want you to make it my buisness (inn relevance to thursday). i know you probably think im nosing around in your private life but i hate to think you have to visit the chaplain for lack of anyone to talk to. im here, i always am.
    no matter how many Jess’s or steph you befriend. no matter how many courtneys i hang out with, i will always be here. as you are the only person on the planet that knows me as well as you do, id hate to lose your friendship and trust.
    here for you always
    Anushka xoxoxox
    (thanx for beingg my friend through all these years, there’s no-one else i would have wanted to spend my ‘growing-up’ expeiences with)

    Comment by anushka — November 11, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  4. Dude, longest comment EVER! Seriuosly, if I needed to talk with you, I would have strapped you down and talked my ass off. Your role as “bestie” is to respect me, whatever my wishes are. Like “none-of-your-business”, funnily enough, is my business, which I gotta handle. And my “constant sobs”? bahaha… that’s called homesickness- I’m sure very home leaver gets it.
    Bastard- Ohemgeeeeee!!! You’re alive!! Jesus! I thought you had contracted AIDS and were bedridden- or else, just busy. Anywho, I’m so glad to hear/see/read? you!!! (I’ll forgive your “media” comment for now… 😛 )
    Sandra- hahaha (hear that nush? Just LUCKY! I have an American fan-base!!! Muhahaha!!)… Nice to hear from you momma lee. :p

    Comment by happychick — November 11, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  5. You ain’t lucky enough to get rid of me that easy! 😀

    Comment by The Bastard — November 11, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  6. One can only dream of such blessings… Alas, it shall never happen.

    Comment by happychick — November 12, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  7. congrats, chick, warn me whenever you start your auto, you look frightening 🙂

    Comment by hellboy — November 13, 2006 @ 6.38p11

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