November 3, 2006

Anything but the emo hair…

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I have just realised how much, over the past few months, this blog has turned from a hobby into an outlet. Reading back, I actually don’t understand how I could’ve been so damn negative this whole time and not noticed. I’m hoping that now I’ve seen how emo I’m becoming, there’ll be a bit of a change in the Happychick writings… Perhaps I’ll be “happy” again…

So, I finally got my hair done. And not emo.  They actually went a bit mad with the choppage- It pretty much just brushes my shoulders- which could be a problem for my dance concert next week, when it’s supposed the be tied back… She also put in some foils- blonde ones. VERY blonde. But I guess, as an Aunt of mine once said- change is as good as a holiday.

School’s been pretty easy- we had an L-plates test today- I’m yet to find out if I’m fit to drive. DRIVE! Me? Thank God it’s a year before I’m physically allowed behind the wheel- I’d hate to think of myself on the road. :p

I’m staying with another Aunt of mine while Nan and Pop are in Singapore (gee thanks for leaving me behind, guys.) It’s only the second night, so I wont be quick to judge, but I’ve found it pretty nice- apart from their two kids under 5. (Have I ever mentioned how much I despise kids? They’re all snotty and sticky- and when they finish being snotty and sticky? They become snobby and slutty. Perfect.)

I’m sleeping at Cel’s tonight (my Dance teacher and close mate), and tomorrow we’re all heading into town for the dress rehearsal (dude, I really can’t believe how close the concert is already!!)

Clever old Happychick left her charger at Nan’s- so she won’t have a phone for over a week. Ugh. How the fuck am I supposed to keep in contact with Mum/Pete/Everyone/Pete…. ?? I ask you that. Haha. Trust me not to think ahead.

Must go and pack my bags for tonight… And shave my underarms (I don’t know how it can be so bad already! That stuff grows like… Stuff that grows fast. UGH!)

Much love, thanks for all the comments (better late than never) x x x x



  1. Ask your friends if they have a charger you can borrow for a day. Must have the phone to keep up with your family and best b/friend. 😀

    Comment by Sandra — November 4, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  2. cutting hair? omg, im trying to let my hair grow as long as possible to keep me warm, you should have sent the extra hair to me. it’s getting cold here 🙂

    Comment by hellboy — November 5, 2006 @ 6.38p11

  3. I should have sent you my extra hair? Right… new level of abnormality there, hellboy… 🙂

    Comment by happychick — November 9, 2006 @ 6.38p11

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