October 14, 2006

BACK! And off again

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The trip was amazing. Awesomeness in a ten-day can. We drove off to a tiny little bay, common among tourists and backpackers and everyone with half a brain…

         We made a lot of mates, including a family of Mormons (not morons, though they had their moments…). All our mates were boys though- all of the hundreds of anorexic, bikini-clad supermodel look-alikes made me feel a little intimidated, not to mention self-conscious…

         The whole “sex” thing didn’t happen. That’s not to say we didn’t try… Oh, you so do not need the full story… Ugh. Spare me.

          Tomorrow I’m packing my bags and on Monday I am SHOVING OUT to go live with crazy Nazi-Nan. Should be an experience to say the least. God forbid I make an attempt at a social life, though. Wait, that sounded mean. To be honest, it’s quite good of her to have me and all- Lord knows, despite the massive amount of maturity and perfectosity I have acquired in my short life- I’m not the easiest of people to raise. And, like my
Nan, I’m terribly stubborn and pig-headed- which is definitely going to be the fuel of at least on fight, let me tell you that.

         We went snorkeling and swimming and shopping and all the beachy stuff. The snorkeling got a bit old after a while- you seen one fish, you seen em all. And it was waaay windy, and, being the silly little female that I am, I avoided the water quite a bit.

         AND! We did a four-wheeler tour over the dunes, and watched the sunset. Fucken Ace.

         And… That’s all, really. I’m really looking forward to moving- the homesickness is gonna kill me though.

         OMG. I am a freaking genius. Now, I hate technology- lets not forget how completely computer illiterate I am. BUT. I managed (God knows how) to put all my photo’s from here onto my iPod, and now I can show all those little snobs how cool my mates were up here. Ha!


So… Bedtime it is, thanks for all your comments, will post ASAPP (Hahaha Keith- what now??) Much Love, xxxx Happychick.


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  1. I hope your Grandmother has a computer. Holy cow, how will we survive without our happychick?

    Comment by jcoftw — October 16, 2006 @ 6.38p10

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