October 2, 2006

Birthdays and touching and LAMEness and stuff

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So, I lied. The post from the other day was not the last (thankyou, Captain Obvious). That’s because I am a loser with no life so I thought I’d post you all a loverly little story.

The story is about my English teacher this year. Now, I have a lot of people whom I “look up” to, in a sense. But this woman is different. I guess it’s because I see a lot of myself in her. She’s funny and smart and stern yet diplomatic, she’s never been good at Maths, but kicks ass in English- I guess, if I could grow up to be like anyone, it would be her.

And in class on Friday, which, BTW, was my last day, she told us all a story, about her friend, Jane. She told us about how she and Jane had met when they were 7, and how they’d gone off to uni together, and how Jane had traveled around the world a dozen times, and escaped numerous close calls. She told us about how Jane had began to have really bad migraines, and then how’d she’d had bleeding on the brain, and had gone into a coma. By this time Miss was crying- all this had happened just weeks ago. She told us how her family had waited until Miss had gone down there before turning off the machine.

By this time, as you’d expect, basically everyone in the room with a vagina was bawling their eyes out (me being no exception). Then Miss turned to me and said

“I told that story for you. I wanted you to know how she’d followed her dreams and achieved absolutely everything she’d ever wanted, and that I want you to do the same”. And everyone was staring at me, and I was just crying. I would have thought of something more meaningful to say, but I had snot running out my nose, so graceful kinda went out the window.

So! There is my story. And yesterday was my birthday. Pete came over and he had a whine about how I never let him “touch me” anymore, which incited an argument, which consequently kinda wrecked the day. But we watched basically every season of Viva la Bam, and then Mum, Paul and I went out for dinner.

After what Paul calls “the restaurant experience” (aka waiting for an hour and a half for an entrée, and then another hour for the main, and paying WAY too much in the end- apparently this is “enjoyable”…), we drove up to the water tower, which overlooks the ocean. It was so pretty all lit up and that… Unfortunately, I drank way too much solo at dinner so I had to pee behind a tree. Hahaha

Then, when we all arrived home, we had the traditional Happychick cake- A soponge cake with jam and cream. Which was yum. Really yum. And that, my dear friends, was the end of my LAME birthday.J



  1. Remember what that teacher said to you. Someone who you think is special also thinks *you* are special. That is not to be taken lightly. So when everything suck with your enforced move hang on to this positive thought 🙂

    Comment by Mr Angry — October 2, 2006 @ 6.38p10

  2. mr angry is wise and like me has survived life to this point. there is nothing better then getting respect from someone with whom YOU respect. she like you sounds noble. the people in that room without viginas who were not crying simply have not yet developed emotionally and psychologially. this is not a bad thing it is a human being thing. their brain does not develop at the same rate as females in this regard. i am so glad that you have not allowed Pete (who really appears quite charming) to gain some distance between you. you will go far in the direction you desire if you always continue to be strong and follow your own heart and not someone elses desires or dreams. you are wise and living life well.
    good luck and keep us posted with all the new and exciting events from your move.
    johnny boats.

    Comment by jboats — October 20, 2006 @ 6.38p10

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