August 23, 2006

I don’t wanna grow up…

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So I’m still sick- very, very sick. I’ve probably slept 14 hours straight. Ugh. God sure was a bastard to invent bugs and things that make people feel like shite…Anywho, I’m home from school again… though I did go yesterday. But honestly, I’m no good to anyone when I’m whingy and ill…Got my school report back… pretty much kicked ass… I love how, these days, teachers write sweet and lovely things on all report cards, despite the majority of the kids being shitheads. Like, twenty years ago they’d tell the truth- a mate of my mates Mum (did you follow that), had “This school is not big enough for the both of us- and I’m not leaving”, written on her report. Bahaha…So indeed, what else is there to report?Oh, Mum and Step-dad went to see Pete’s rents today- apparently they had a nice old chat about fishing and taxes and all those things that don’t actually interest anyone under the age of 30… Also, I’m quite glad I wasn’t there, because from what I’ve heard, the topic of conversation was our sexual lives… and that could have been embarrassing.I had a dream last night that I went to boarding school and they forced me to wear pink…ugh. Not only that, I had to do lots and lots and lots of sport and physical activity. I woke up in a sweat. Heehee.I have to write a short story for English by tomorrow, so best I get started on that- not that it’ll be too hard- it’s sad- I do that sorta thing all the time…Pete’s booked his L Plates test for Friday- for you crazy Americans, L plates are like, the first step of your drivers’ license- basically, you have to drive around with an adult, until you’ve clocked up 25 hours, and then you get your P Plates… So yeah.My Mum always used to say to me “Your childhood is the best years of your life”. I wanted so badly to grow up. I wanted to wear make up, and grow boobs, and date boys and (OMG) I wanted homework, just so I could feel mature. I spent so many years, when I could’ve been playing, when I could’ve been mucking around, enjoying life, wanting to grow up. And now? I’m dreading moving out. I’m dreading leaving home. I want so badly to go back to the days when such simple things made me smile. When it wasn’t immature to laugh at the word “sex”. I wish (forgive me for this lame-ass cliché), that I knew then what I know now. J



  1. I still laugh at the mention of “sex” Today I was giggling about fisting. Oh, that will probably show up in your search engine referrals now.

    Comment by Mr Angry — August 23, 2006 @ 6.38p08

  2. I was one of those kids like your Mom’s friend. I spent more time in the principals office my last year than I did in the class room.

    Thanks for the ‘plates’ lesson, I’d have never guessed. You tolerate my Aussie ignorance so well. 😀

    Hope you get over your bug soon. You could probably whip out your short story sick as a dog and do better than most on their best day.

    Let’s see….did I ever blush over the mention of sex???

    Comment by Sandra — August 23, 2006 @ 6.38p08

  3. hi i’m a friend of sandra beth’s. i was bumping around on her blog and found yours.

    the good news is you get to have boobs and sex for a longtime longer then when you were supposed to be mucking around in the yard. it appears to be a trade off worth having.


    Comment by 1steak — August 24, 2006 @ 6.38p08

  4. Chick – meet your brother John (adopted of course)- John – Chick. English/American and mine for 8 years now. He’s a sweetie pie.

    Comment by Sandra — August 24, 2006 @ 6.38p08

  5. So you don’t want to grow up, eh? How pathetic of you. If you don’t grow up, many bad things will happen to you.

    And “I wish” isn’t a lame-ass cliche. FYI, there are certain cliches that I’m used to. You can’t get rid of all cliches.

    P.S. You should be ashamed for making this webpage.

    Comment by Anonymous — January 26, 2011 @ 6.38p01

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