July 22, 2006

Georgia and Kirah- Opposites

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So I went to the movies today, with Kirah, the Half-cast girl who lives across the road from me. I always loved those movies where the kids live next door, or across the road, or whatever. They always end happily. I remember when i was in Year8, there was a girl who lived across the road from me. Her name was Georgia. We were the best of friends. We hung out every single day. We walked to school together, we walked our dogs together, we had sleepovers, talked about boys- we were like Pooh and Tigger, or Paris and Nicole.

When Georgia moved, though, we fell apart. Sure, we still went to the same school. Sure, we had sleepovers every so often. But it wasn’t the same. I couldn’t stay at her house playing Playstation till 6.30 on a school night. I couldn’t run over to her house when my dog died. I couldn’t walk home with her. Which is a pity, because she was the nicest girl. Everyone loved her- she was sweet and kind and friendly to everyone- never discriminatory, always popular- the kind of girl any guy would love to take home to his parents. Georgia and I shared so much, it was quite a shame to see it all lost, simply because she moved. But alas, we probably would have drifted apart anyway…

So Kirah and I are both a little onb the outer. She’s pretty much what you would call a Blackie- In the non-racist way. She’ll have a punch-up with anyone who stirs her up, is the biggest gossip queen I know, and is generally pretty tough. These qualtiies also mean that she has trodden on a number of toes over the years, and established her fair share of enemies.

So her friends are pretty sucky- and so are mine. And as we live across the road from each other, we’ve kinda forged an agreement- we’ll look out for each other. We’ll hang out. We’ll just generally become besties- which I can say is great for me, as Christy and I, are a little- well, not friends any longer.


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