July 20, 2006

Messages and Mates

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I have this thing where I cannot delete messages on my phone. It’s nutty, I know. But the other day, I was crying. Just crying, feeling worthless, I wrote a whole page in my journal about it. So I picked up my phone. I scrolled through the “contacts” list, and deleted about 20 numbers. Some of them ex-friends, whom I never intened on speaking to again. Some of them just randoms, who i promised to give them a call. Anyway, it was pretty damn cleansing, to say the least. So I opened up my inbox. 83 messages. Now, most of them were nice messages, designed to make me feel better. Some of them were promses made to me, that I could document. Some were just “Hey, watcha doin?”. I deleted all but 15 of them. I still liked the idea of having messages to keep me happy.

Here are a couple;

“Best friend forever I’ll never forget our good times, luv ya, tarn, sleep well x o x” Tarnie 🙂

“Thanks ____, I love you soo much, you’re such a champ” Rachel, after I helped her through her break-up.

I only kept a few of them, but I realized, looking back through them, that I kept messages from those that mattered most to me. I guess, subconciously, it wasn’t just the context of the message that mattered, but more who it was that sent it to me.

I only have a few friends in the world, a subject on which I have written a post before. I wish to update that list, if I may;

Anushka- We are so different, that there is no need to compete. We are living proof that opposites do attract. As much as we are on opposite ends of the country, we are so much alike that it’s quite frightening. I can see myself, 85 and in a little cottage drinking tea, with Anushka right beside me. We are just those types of people, you know?

Tarnie- I’ve known this girl since before I was born. We see each other once every two years, if we’re lucky, but when we get together we talk like we’ve never been apart. There’s a bond between Tarnie and I, which states, without words, that we will be friends untill the day we die.

Andy- Andy’s about to move across the world. When I think about it now, I don’t know alot about Andy. I’ve never been to his house, I’ve met his Mum once, and I don’t even know what his favourite colour is. But that said, he has always been there, the sensilbe, strong one, the lighthearted one, the one to bring me down a peg or two if my ego got too big. i have so much fun when it’s just me, Andy and Anushka. The times we spent together will remain in my heart forever.

Pete- He’s my boyfriend. I love him to peices, but, that said, we may break up tommorw and I’ll have nothing more to say. The point is, everyone says “you’ll always remember your firt love”. The times me and Pete spend together, they’re like something out of a love story. You know, the flashback bit, where the couple is laughing nd play fighting and stuff? That’s us, except a little less lovey-dovey and without the corny music. I love him to bits and I would practically die without his company.

I have a few other mates, but really, these guys are the ones who matter most. The ones I would call, “my friends”. These guys are the world to me, and I love them forever for it.



  1. 44 years older and guess what….I do the same thing with my cell phone messages. My cousin, Lonnie, Gina all there to bring me up when I’m down.

    When you get right down to it, isn’t that all that matters? Family and friends are the most important people in the world. You are special and I have your face in my head, eventhough I’ve never seen you. 😀

    Comment by Sandra — July 20, 2006 @ 6.38p07

  2. I like the way you said “brings me down a PEG or two” HAHAHAAAAAA

    Comment by wallywally — July 20, 2006 @ 6.38p07

  3. Hahahaha I just got it! For all you normal people who read this, the PEG story is just one of many that I have not had the time to tell you. 😀 It’s actually not all that funny when you think about it…

    Comment by happychick — July 21, 2006 @ 6.38p07

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