July 19, 2006

No Way In Hell

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I got the job…. And I turned it down. I guess I lost sight of what was really important. I wanted a new job so much, I didn’t see how good I’ve already got it. I know it sounds so silly, and i know I sound like such a big hypocrit, but I wanted change so badly that I just didn’t see how good I already have it. I guess it sounds so silly to talk that way about Maccas, but to me, it’s the truth.

The newsagents was horrible. I guess I should have known what to expect, judging from the interview with the crazy manager, but the one time my instinct is correct, the one time I cease to listen. They made me chop up magazines ALL day. I got there at 2pm, and, even though the “trial” was supposed to finish at 4, I was there till a quarter to 6. Uk. Other than chopping up magazines, I had to (major excitement here folks), stack magazines, throw magazines in the bin, top up the drinks fridge, with the used by dates in order (w.t.f.), and, most enjoyable of all, vaccuum. Now, I’m unsure whether I have told you this previously, or you have gathered it from my older posts, but I am not, I repeat not, manually skilled. In the slightest.

There’s a little T.V. in my brothers’ room, and it’s “portable”, so you can just lift the whole thing into another room. Pete and I were lifting it, and I staggered and tripped from the weight, and it fell on my leg. I hate hanging out washing because it hurts my arms so badly. Vaccuuming? No way. Mum thinks I’m just pretty damn lazy (this is more than true, but still…), but I refuse the manual side of things, ever.

*Cears Throat. The Newsagents. It sucked! I was sooo bored, and I was only there for 4 hours!!! Plus, get this. I was standing there, chopping magazines, when Pete and Maco walked in. I couldn’t control myself. I burst out laughing. Pete, who’s hair is black, fully black, night black, had put peroxide tips in it. Hahahahahaha! So anyway, the crazy manager lady comes over and says “boys, it’s her first day stop distracting her”. They were like, right…. And left me all alone in my own private hell. Then, about an hour later, there I was, still chopping magazines, when some Aboriginal guy comes up and play-punches me, “Hey!!” I almost died. Jesse. He moved way down south not so long ago, to be with his aunts and uncles and that. I had no idea he was back for a holiday. More importantly, I had no idea why he was talking to me. To put it bluntly, I barely know the guy. He went out with Christy for a while (Grr… she’s a very touchy subject at the moment), until he moved and left her hanging. Apart from that, we’d never talked. But he’s a nice guy. Really nice. And pretty hot too. Anyway, he got kicked out too. ???

I was physically and emotionally in pain. Boredom was threatening to send me into a coma. So, at almost 6.00,I asked if I could leave, saying some bullshit about a doctors appt.

I almost forgot. The icing on the cake of death? Apart from the fact, of course, that it was a trial and I didn’t get paid.

They made me wear pink.



  1. Congratulate yourself Happychick, that was a very mature move. Knowing you don’t have to take anything that comes along is a skill some people never pick up. You did the right thing, if a job isn’t right for you, don’t take it. Don’t get dependent on something that will make you unhappy.

    Comment by Mr Angry — July 19, 2006 @ 6.38p07

  2. for an almost-15-yr.-old gal, you’re smart for your age chick! you’ve learned a lesson in life many hav elearned very late in life. not to grab any opportunity that comes their way if they don’t feel it’s for them. you’ll do fine, when you get older you’ll do great i’m sure of that! 😉

    Comment by Mayang — July 19, 2006 @ 6.38p07

  3. You would have ended up telling the manager to fuck off eventually. Good for you for not putting yourself in that position!

    Comment by Sandra — July 19, 2006 @ 6.38p07

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    Comment by alieksjii — August 9, 2006 @ 6.38p08

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