July 18, 2006

News Update

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Well, I know you’re hanging out for details of the newsagency job. 😀 I think I did pretty fucking well, if we’re all being honest. I have a trial run tomorrow arvo. I’m confident, but not too much so, as;

1. I think that there is a big difference between confidence and just being cocky. And being cocky? That gets you nowhere.

2. I may not even have the job. “Trial”, means just that- it’s a trail, and she made it quite clear that i could quite possibly fail, hence, not even get the job.

So details, you ask? (or not, but haha anyway). I woke up at 8.30, freaking out, trying to convince myself I’m calm, saying stupid little things like “Whatever will happen will happen”, “It’s perfectly normal to be nervous”, and, even more lame ” It’s their loss if they say no, not mine, I still have McDonalds.” Lol! as if I’d search for a new job if I were content with Maccas! Anyway, I went into the rent’s room (OMG forbidden place of completely wrong nocturnal going-ons), to wake my Mummy up, and- OMG- she wasn’t there. I was freakin out, coz Paul (step-dad- get with it guys!) was on night-shift. So figuring I had no other choice, I woke him up. Baaadd I dea. I got a swipe nd a curse (or 5), before leaving him to resume his slumber. So I called Mum at work. She raced around and picked me up and dropped me off, with a quick “Good Luck” and a smile. Good Lord.

So I get in there, and ask the sales assistant for the manager. The next part, to look back on, is a crack-up. “Oh, she must have forgotten about you. She shouldn’t be too much longer. You see, she’s out, uh, having coffee, with her inlaws, as they’re leaving town today.” I was like, O-Kay… But, being the calm, pateint girl I am (*snorts), and the fact that I didn’t really feel like yelling at my possible future (uh, whats that word for people you work with? peers? no…) anyway… She rocks up eventually, at 11.00. I’d been wandering around the store for an hour. Sigh, the things I do.

So moving on… The actual interview. She sat down and rambled at how immature “young people” ie. People under 16, ie. Me, are usually, and how they cannot handle the tasks that are required (Ok, back it up- stacking newspapers? What are they, in a wheelchair??). She blinked about a hundred times a minute (no joke), and the whole time, I was trying my hardest not to laughat her crazy eye makeup, and trying not to scream as my tummy cramps threatened to overwhelm me- seriuosly, for you boys (and girls like Shona, who don’t get cramps), they sucked that bad. I got home and cried.

So throughout the hour or so I listened to her repeat the same things over and over and over again, throwing in a couple of “mature” words, like “Oh, yeah- Initiative”, and “Find Something To Do” every now and then (God, I must have sounded like an idiot.). So then she offered me a trial. And of course, i took it. So it all sounds good.

A couple of things I’m a little cautious about, though;

– She said that I may not even pass the trial. And that, the last girl who didn’t pass, came back to see what shift she had. (At this point in the story, the manager laughed). She hadn’t even bothered to tell the girl she hadn’t passed. Mean, or what?

– She said that, when I satart on the registar, I will only have one registar, and any missing money will be taken out of my pay. I mean, what? But ok, understandable, but then I think, “I know a girl who used to get a hundred bucks out of her pay each week, for no reason”, so again, will have to keep my eye on it.

– Her half-cast, angry looking daughter-in-law sits behing me the whole time, yelling out random-ass things like “We’re not here to babysit”, and whatever. I’m like, who are you??

Those things aid, guys, I am not going to lie and say I’m not looking forward to this job (if I get it). As The Bastard so gracefully put it, “if it sucks, bail.”

xx chick



  1. I could not go on my road trip this morning until I found out about your interview. The manager sounds like a twit. If you want the job I hope you get it. This woman sounds like he will be weird to work for (not in a good way). It will definately be an emotional growth experience to be in a work environment with her.

    Keep us posted.

    BTW, I used to cramp like you. I was greatful for the surgery that removed all that crap that made me hurt so bad. The good news is that after babies it isn’t quite so bad.

    Comment by Sandra — July 18, 2006 @ 6.38p07

  2. *she

    Can I send Paul a long distance “fuck you in the neck with an alarm clock”? How dare he talk ugly to you!

    Comment by Sandra — July 18, 2006 @ 6.38p07

  3. thanks informing, wish you luck happy chick. nothing more to say cos my mind’s gonna shut down in 10 seconds 😉
    agree with whatever sandra said but not the cramps!

    Comment by Hell Boy — July 19, 2006 @ 6.38p07

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