June 23, 2006

Fair Enough

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Many apologies for my prolonged and inexusable absence.

I went to a fair tonight. It was a bit like the last one, though much, much better. Donna(my bro), Christy, her new boy Aaron, Pete, Nay and I went. It was HEAPS of fun. I dont suppose you lot want to hear about what a wonderful time a bunch of teens had at a silly town fair, but then again, I dont suppose you have to read this. We went on almost every ride (which isn't that much of a feat, considering there were only 5 rides there), we ate chocolate from the servo, and really just goofed off. We bought majorly oversized fluffy hats, and then showbags, and glowing swords, and fairy floss, and soft drink…

The highlight of the night was, by far, the fireworks. I started a new paragraph because I especially wanted to mention this. Now, I dunno what the go is in Texas, Sydney, Albequerque, Alaska, or wherever else you've wandered in from, but in the city where I used to live, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people crowded the river to watch the show. You could hardly get near at all, and it never held a great amount of excitement for me. Anyway, tonight we went out onto the town oval, sat up on the scoreboard, and got, no joke, 50 metres from the place where they let them all off. It was awesome. I felt eight years old again. I had never been so close to fireworks in my life. I must've looked a right fool, with my fluffy purple hat and my showbag. But when you see stuff like that, so midblowing, everything just kinda goes away, huh? You have no cares, no worries. What I would have given to have that feeling bottled up for my usage whenever. 🙂

(ps. I am awrae I've taken to naming my posts really silly, kinda stupid things. Take no notice.)



  1. “Many apologies for my prolonged and inexusable absence.”

    HA! See, it happens to all of us. I forgive you honey! 😀

    Comment by The Bastard — June 23, 2006 @ 6.38p06

  2. Hell, I thought you went on holiday! glad to see you’re still around!

    Comment by Sandra — June 23, 2006 @ 6.38p06

  3. Are you trying to make me feel guilty? Too bad, I already did.

    Comment by labrat777 — June 25, 2006 @ 6.38p06

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