June 1, 2006

June Regime

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As a sort of start-of-month resolution, I've begun a new regime. Basically, it's a plan to stop me getting tired, stressed and therefore bitchy (or more-so than usual). The aim is to make me an even happier person. 🙂 It goes something like this:

– 8.30pm bed- I know it's early guys, but here's something to think about- If you beleive that 200 years ago we were monkeys, we were going to bed at sunset and getting up at sunrise- getting 14 hours sleep of something per night. Now, in our hectic rush-rush-rush lifestyle, we are starving ourselves of sleep. So, even though 14 hours is a little unrealistic, I reckon 10 is about the best I can do.

– Junk food (McDonalds, guys) once a week only. I'm becoming a bit of a fatty.

– Homework is henceforth to be done when it is assigned. That way I will not freak out when the due date is looming.

– Mostly, eat healthier. No more canteen food. At all.

So that is my new resolution. Bets are on for how long it will last.



  1. Good luck on all the resolutions….I’d last about 2 days on that one. Esp. the sleep one.

    Comment by Sandra — June 1, 2006 @ 6.38p06

  2. never was good with resolutions, ended up doin’ the opposite! now, i don’t have one that way i don’t get to break any! 😉

    Comment by Mayang — June 1, 2006 @ 6.38p06

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