May 19, 2006

The dreaded “sex talk”

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🙂 I'm pleased (and relieved) to report that the "sex talk" went very, very well. Mum brought up so many good points that I hadn't even thought about. Who knew she was so deep and profound? The point is, one of her main points was that "sex is a very intimate, personal thing"- and I kinda feel I'll violate the "don't tell all your mates about this kinda stuff" thing it if I tell you everything. But then, you don't know me so you can't really be included in the "friends" thing, right? Well, thats my reasoning.

So, firstly, she says that even if she said no, I'd probably do it anyway- which is true. Then she suggests that the reason I've been so depressed lately (bordering on complete and utter despair), is because I feel "pressured". Which isn't true, by the way. But I knew she'd say it, so I set her right. Then she went through all the bad things that could happen- funnily enough though, it was more about what mean things he could say if we broke up, rather than the chance of an unwanted pregnancy. The topic turned into contraceptive methods for a minute or two(condoms and the pill, people), and we're going to the doctors next fortnight to get a prescription and what-not. Then, there was more "intimate and personal" stuff, then the "Pete has to tell his folks too", and then a bit of "keep it to yourselves- you don't want to look cheap". This was followed by "aren't you glad I came to you?" (me), and "You're dealing with adult emotions when you go into this"(her).

All in all, without rambling on too much longer, the day went well. She reacted better than I imagined, and I think, if I do have sex, whether it be next month or next year, that I'm making the right decision doing it with Pete. 🙂 xx chick



  1. hats off to u gurl! couldn’ thave done that w/ my mom not even if my life depended on it! haha good to know ur open w/ ur mom about these things, my salute! :-*

    Comment by Mayang — May 19, 2006 @ 6.38p05

  2. Glad you had that talk honey. More than that I’m glad you have that kind of relationship with her. You are both very lucky people. 😀

    Comment by Sandra — May 19, 2006 @ 6.38p05

  3. I’ll give you my french opinion. No, this is not french, it’s just mine, but we might see things different from a culture to another.
    First of all, I make a difference between shagging and make love. I’m not a puritan, or something, and I have nothing against shagging. It’s just different from making love with your bf, it’s not the same involvement.
    Secondly, if you feel like making love with Pete, do it. In my opinion, the most important thing in losing one’s virginity is to lose it safely, in good conditions. Maybe you won’t spend the rest of your life with Pete, no one knows what will happen in 1, 10, 50 years.
    I’d say that if you feel good and confident with him, if you feel respected, why not ?

    Sexuality is another step in a relationship, you’re gonna take it. It’s a bit scary, because you dont know it. It is what we dont know that we fear. Talk about it with Pete, communication is important, to know your partner and get to know you as well.

    But mostly, enjoy ! 😉

    Comment by graindlune — May 21, 2006 @ 6.38p05

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    Comment by sjytuyioiu — August 9, 2006 @ 6.38p08

  5. wooo!!! you actually all say that these things to ur mom…great…seems like you both are very open minded.

    Comment by Porno Spark — November 24, 2008 @ 6.38p11

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