May 2, 2006

My Boyfriend… He’s the best.

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Day 1 of school was pretty average. My alarm went off (6 am- that's gotta be a crime), after I'd managed 4 hours of sleep and 4 more of tossing and turning. Mmmm, vegemite and toast…. then a quick rush to find some clothes and a pen for the imposing school day.

Grrr… drama first up- my teacher is a prissy little pretty boy(though he could very well be gay)… then SOSE- my silly old Austran teacher who finds it appropriate to flash her 50 year old cleavage… recess with Christy, then Home Room and Science with Groovy. The man looks like the squirell from Ice Age, for God's sake! He's a sarcastic, bitter little man with nothing better to do than make my life a living hell….. sadistic little ass. Art, which was simply art, then Lunch with Pete and Maths with hippy Rogal.

These teachers are all nutters. I swear.

After school Pete came over- we watched the rest of Harry Potter 3, then went for a ride round to our mates house to feed their dog. His older brother and his mates are haine a LAN party on Saturday(OMG- grown-up Nerds!), and I've been invited. Apart from C(Pete's bro's gf- who's a major nerd anyway), I'll be the only girl there. I'm actually really excited, but I'm starting to doubt that Mum'll say yes. The reason I say this is because today, when Pete and I were home alone, Mum "dropped by" from work(aka checked up on us), and told me that "he's a nice kid, but don't let him pressure you into anything… Don't get carried away, ect…" I was like 'OMG! You think I'm a little hoe!'- which she denied(naturally).

If you asked me today what I liked about my boyfriend, I'd say-

*He's tall- i have a thing for tall guys

*He's funny- he laughs at himself all the time

*He's very forgiving- I often think after  I act, and end up doing or saying very offensive things

*He likes me for me- not just because I'm pretty(though I think that has alot to do with it 😆 ), but because I'm myself, and I have morals, too.

*Plus, he has great hair 🙂 (now that it's grown back)

xx chick


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  1. “he’s a nice kid, but don’t let him pressure you into anything” sounds like the conversation I had with Delanie a few days ago.

    If you change for someone else, then you lose who you are then they don’t like you that way either. The you that you are today is a valuable wonderful person. 🙂

    Even if you bust on me too. 😀

    Comment by Sandra — May 2, 2006 @ 6.38p05

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