May 31, 2006

Not Funny

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Ah, I doubt right now that there is any better feeling in the world than taking off your socks and shoes after a long day. 🙂

Ok, News-

1. The mutant zit is starting to decline (thank God). Gotta love being a teenager.

2. We were on a dumbass class outing today and I met the journos' from the local newspaper. One of them interviewed me, and said I was welcome for work experience there anytime. 🙂

3. Pete is annoying the shit out of me lately. I cannot help but get annoyed at him. I'm not a very good person- I have a very short attention span, and an even shorter temper. Pete's a joker- thats' what first attracted me to him. I always wanted to be funny. But I'm not. He's hilarious- I get that, but sometimes it's just not funny anymore. And so I ask, when does "funny" become "annoying" ?

4. That is all. Going to surf the net for a while now. 🙂

Love to all my faithful readers (cough), xx chick


May 30, 2006

Top 5 Happychick Posessions

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Top 5 Happychick posessions:

1. My mobile phone. It is my life-line. It's quite sad, because I sound like the typical teenage girl, but fuck you in the neck with a chopstick.

2. My iPod Nano. It makes me look rich/important/independent and music-wise all in one. Who knew such a small object could cause so much happiness?

3. My eye make-up. Liner, mascara, eye shadow- it's almost unimaginable for me to leave the house without them.

4.Chapstick. Dry lips are THE single most uncomfortable feeling in the world (apart from seeing your Nanna naked)

5. My watch. I have a weird little skin tissue scar on my right wrist, so my ever-faithful watch hides it constantly (yes, I wear my watch on the right- shut up).

May 29, 2006

Oesophagus of your nose?

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Many apologies for my prolonged absence. Life's been quite hectic lately, and people are annoying me. Worse still, every time I sit down to write to y'all, my blog shits itself or my brain freezes up. 🙂

Thnkfully, I'm not having a brain-freeze moment right now- on the contrary, I'm having a life-threatening moment, in which MY LIFE COULD BE AT STAKE.

I have the worlds biggest pimple! It's mutating just inside my nostril. I swear, it's threatening to block off my oesophagus (or is that in your throat?). Anyway, what makes this even worse is that I haven't had a pimple in 5 months (due to that crazy acne-medication I told y'all about.) Now that I'm off my "drugs" (as I like to call them), my skin has been left open to the cruel world of zits. 😦

Um… On Wednesday (thats' 2 days from now, guys), Mum and I are going to the doctor to get a prescription for even more drugs, of an entirely different kind (though they do prevent stuff, I suppose)- I am, of course, talking about contraceptive drugs, also known as The Pill. 🙂 Quite exciting on this side of the net, let me tell you…

Sigh- I hate this town. Everything about it makes me miss my old school, and my old city.

Thats about all really, so I'm gonna shoot- love to all, xx chick.

May 23, 2006

Morning All…

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Morning Guys! (at least, it's morning over here- you lot are probably just going to bed). Just a quick note before I go to school;

I am so proud of myself! This morning was the first in 5 days that I haven't poked myself in the eye with the mascara wand! 🙂

Today is also Pete and my 2 months anniversary. I know that doesn't seem like a very long time for you guys who've been married for twenty years or something, but for me? Trust me, it is. 🙂 So, to Pete- Happy Anniversary Honey!

I'll get him to come over this arvo and have a spa with me, though that means I've got to shave my legs…..

Off to school. *gag*. I suppose it could be worse (ok, I'm just saying that- How could it be worse?!?

Hope you all have an awesome Wednesday. 🙂

xx chick

Rumours? Meh.

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I had a pretty average day. I've suddenly realized how much I fully HATE this school, and Mum and I talked about me going to boarding school for the next couple of years. I've been having mixed feelings about this- if I go, then decide that I hate it, I cannot simply change my mind. I will lose my boyfriend (long-distance relationships NEVER work- I won't try to kid myself), my income, my family life and, in general, my freedom. But I will get a great education, alot of indepedence within myself, structure, discipline and new friends…. So many choices.

Jayden drew an amazing Slipknot tatoo on my forearm today. 🙂 He's a really cool guy, but I think Pete got a little jealous that I was paying less attention to him 😆

Yesterday a girl named Sharne told Pete I was "bullen on" (flirting with/crushing on) the boys in my art class. What a bitch! Today I confronted her (no-one mouths off about me and gets away with it!). I had to try very hard to strike a balance between "bitch"(which would consequenlty get me bashed), and "doormat"(which would give her the impression to continue this nasty behaviour). I'm not sure if what I said worked, but she definitely got the message that I wasn't interested in her little games.

On that point, call me a hypocrit (I am very gossipy myself), but I never really saw the use of rumours. Sure, I'll pass on some juicy goss I've heard from a reliable source, and occasionally get myself jarred (in trouble) for it, but I have never been able to make some complete bullshit up about someone and pass it off as honesty. It must be an aquired skill. Lol.

Love to all, xx chick

May 21, 2006

Thankyou, friends

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To friends and enemy's alike, here's a little something to think about;

Do bald people get dandruff?

And a liitle something extra-

This blog is me. It is everything about me, unleashed. I wouldn't blog though, if not for you people- who comment, share advice, and generally just pick me up when I'm not feeling so hot. In a way, you are all strangers to me- we have never met, we have little in common than our love for blooging- but in other ways, you are closer to me than my best friends, than my own family. I value your opinions and what you think of me more than my boyfriends' view on who I am. I would never replace real life with blogging, but what I experience here is precious to me more than you know. So to all who read this- Thankyou, friends.

May 20, 2006

The Aboriginals in my Town.

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I'm here to set the record straight. I was reading this post today, and it inspired me to tell you all a bit about where I live. Before I start though, you need to know something- I am not racist. My best friend is Sri Lankin, and I have absolutely no problem spending time with people of a different race or culture than myself. That said, you are probably going to interpret this post as racist anyway.

I'll start with a true story. The other day, a teacher at my school was sacked for slapping a student. The Aboriginal girl slammed a door on the teachers foot, cutting open her toes. The teacher responded by pushing the girl, recieving a punch in the face and retaliating by slapping the girl. I know what you're thinking- most of the students in the school thought the same- "That teacher should not have touched the student", Right? Well, I ask you this- in the same position, why wouldn't you? 

I live in a country town where the amount of white people is slightly less than the amount of Aboriginals. There is not much else to say than- it is ferral. Looking at this incident in school, you might think it is a one-off. Sadly, this is not the case. There are dozens of other incidents I could tell you about (and I've only been there 4 months!), and there is no escaping it. The teachers at my school put up with so much shit, day in, day out, and they cannot do anything about it. Put in their position, I would snap in a week.

In Mr. Angry's post, he said "the aborigines really are treated like shit in this country". This is bullshit. No foul on his part, though- you cannot possibly imagine what goes on here unless you are a resident. This is the main reason nothing has been done about the conditions in this community- Politicians refuse to beleive that it is that big of a problem.

Mr Angry- The Aboriginal people in this country, in general, are treated like royalty. They get more money each year form the government than alot of working people. There are exceptions, though, I'll admit- there are always exceptions. Let me explain- On Wednesdays, the Aboriginal people come into town from their little communities to collect their child payments. On Thursdays they collect their dole payments. On Fridays they spend every cent on booze. The weekend is filled with violence, rape and utter chaos. There are murders here every month, children are raped repeatedly every week. Women are bashed, people are stabbed, houses are robbed. It's like a war-zone.

Many of our good friends in this town are Police Officers. The stories they tell are something out of a horror movie. The problems in this community are fueled by generatons of alcohol and drug abuse, violence and havoc among these people. 90% are unemployed. They sit around town, all day, every day, drinking and talking, sniffing metho, doing drugs.

I am not exaggerating. I see this behaviour day in, day out at my school, at the shopping centre, outside my own house. There is no wonder why the kids at my school are the way they are- they have never known any different. Kids, the age of 6, are pulled from bins in the middle of the night, scavenging for food, as they haven't eaten in days.

So now you're thinking- what's being done? Why is this still going on if so many people know about it? Why don't they stop them from buying alcohol with their child payments? Why don't they take their children and put them in homes? Why don't they do something?

The police have no support. Over night, there are often 3 or 4 officers on shift. All night. No backup, no help. The government doesn't care- how is this their problem? They pump more money into the dole system- sure, guys, real intelligent- give them more money so they can buy more booze- well done, genuises.

My point is, they do not help themselves. They are illiterate. they do not shower. This is the way their grandparents grew up- this is the way their grand-kids will grow up. I fsomething is not done soon, they will kill themsleves off as a race.

May 19, 2006


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There's a boy I know, who's name is Jayden. By "I know", I mean, he's an aquaintance. He plays hard-core rock metal for the school band, and dated one of the girls in my class. He's a scary-looking kid, really- one of those "tall, silent and mysterious" guys, if i had to describe him. A bit of a punk/rock guy- one of the few who can pull off the look without appearing to be a moronic tryhard stoner. Last time I spoke with Jayden, he had recently broken up with gf Ashlee (who's a freak- even he could do better), and was living in a homeless shelter for kids.

Tonight he was at my work, sitting there, minding his own business. I always say 'hi' to him- you know, to make him feel 'involved' and shit like that. Well, I went and sat with him today, chatting with him, hanging out, you know… We talked about the homeless shelter, and he told me he'd moved into Kai's house, and was baording there for $100 a week. He's juggling school, band practice and 3 jobs at the moment, keeping himself busy and the like. We talked about Aboriginal people, we talked about drunk Aboriginal people, we talked about drunk people in general. He's really different, though- differnet to who I thought he would be, at least. He was deep. Not depressing, not suicidal- just deep.

I have a problem- I pity people. It's weak, but I cannot help it. And I really pity Jayden. Given a different childhood, given a different family- this kid, he would've grown up to be something. And he will, only his path will be a lot more difficult than my own.

When he left, I was cleaning up, and noticed that he had left his belongings behind- by belongings, I mean a plastic bag full of his schoolwork from the week. A plastic bag. I almost cried. I took the bag home, planning to give it back to him on Monday. I couldn't help myself though- I opened it up. I read his work. He's fricken talented, this kid. The music sheets were the best. The music he plays and the musicians he studies- they're  really symbolic.

"Don't Speak- I know just what you're thinking, and I don't need your reasons- don't tell me cause it hurts"

This guy, this musically talented, intelligent, respectful guy, he goes through so much shit every day that no kid, no-one, should have to put up with. Music is his sanctuary. That much is obvious.

I took the work out and filed it neatly in a display file- I'll  give it back on Monday.

The dreaded “sex talk”

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🙂 I'm pleased (and relieved) to report that the "sex talk" went very, very well. Mum brought up so many good points that I hadn't even thought about. Who knew she was so deep and profound? The point is, one of her main points was that "sex is a very intimate, personal thing"- and I kinda feel I'll violate the "don't tell all your mates about this kinda stuff" thing it if I tell you everything. But then, you don't know me so you can't really be included in the "friends" thing, right? Well, thats my reasoning.

So, firstly, she says that even if she said no, I'd probably do it anyway- which is true. Then she suggests that the reason I've been so depressed lately (bordering on complete and utter despair), is because I feel "pressured". Which isn't true, by the way. But I knew she'd say it, so I set her right. Then she went through all the bad things that could happen- funnily enough though, it was more about what mean things he could say if we broke up, rather than the chance of an unwanted pregnancy. The topic turned into contraceptive methods for a minute or two(condoms and the pill, people), and we're going to the doctors next fortnight to get a prescription and what-not. Then, there was more "intimate and personal" stuff, then the "Pete has to tell his folks too", and then a bit of "keep it to yourselves- you don't want to look cheap". This was followed by "aren't you glad I came to you?" (me), and "You're dealing with adult emotions when you go into this"(her).

All in all, without rambling on too much longer, the day went well. She reacted better than I imagined, and I think, if I do have sex, whether it be next month or next year, that I'm making the right decision doing it with Pete. 🙂 xx chick

May 18, 2006

Step-Father Drama

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Nasty. Cold. Controlling. Manipulative. Yes, I am reffering to the stereotypical step-dad. And, well, my said family member lives up to and worships this stereotype.

He's an asshole… And that's pretty much it. I swear he's only here for the sex. For Christ's sake (sorry if you're religious), they're not even married! Mum doesn't seem to get it. They fight, he doesn't care. She does EVERYTHING, he lets her. He's nasty to my brother and I, only conversing when ER needs to be taped. It's all I can do to stop myself yelling

"Shut the Fuck Up!" you're an idiot. I am not a peice of trash. You demand respect? Well, so do I.

It has just occurred to me how immature and foolish I come across in my blog. You all must think "that Happychick- what a naive little prat". I whinge and whine and get excited over nothing- what's the point of even blogging if you have nothing remotely interesting to say?


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