April 26, 2006

Crappy Crew-People

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I have had an AWFUL night at work.

– First and foremost, I was on MAINTENENCE. Cleaning toilets, emptying bins, mopping, sweeping, mopping,sweeping…. ggrrrrr! So I worked my little ass off trying to get it all done. I finished at 7.30, and told my manager, Nikki, that I was done. She said she'd check it.

– Secondly, my co-worker Becca is a bitch. Thats all there is to it.

"You can't be finished so soon. You mustn't have done everything."

"You haven't wiped the bin cavities. I looked at them myself."

"You're not doing anything!"

I was ready to bitch slap her and drop her on her hole.

– When 9'oclock rolled around (my finishing time), Nikki still hadn't checked the maintenance, meaning I couldn't go home. She fiddled about and did her paperwork. 9.05, 9.15….

"Can I go home, Nik?"

"No. I'll check your maintenance now."

Turns out I hadn't "swept properly". How the hell can you sweep wrongly, might I ask? I mean, sweep,sweep,swoop?

Anyway, I lost it. Turning to both Nikki and Becca, I hissed;

"Why couldn't you have told me at 7.30? When I finished? Not at 20 past 9, when my brother is tooting the horn outside. I was supposed to finish at 9."

Nik did that stupid face (you know, the fake confused one 'huh?'), and told me

"Well, you'll have to go home and I'll just stay back and finish it by myself"

So I left.




  1. “I was ready to bitch slap her and drop her on her hole”… Are you sure you’re not my natural child?!? That is a statement right out of the “Bastard/ette vocabulary! 😀

    Comment by jcoftw — April 26, 2006 @ 6.38p04

  2. Ahh my sister! we have trained you well!! I am so Proud!!

    Comment by bofhjr716 — April 26, 2006 @ 6.38p04

  3. Ha! Did they think they were going to guilt you into staying? Screw that, you were right!

    Comment by Mr Angry — April 26, 2006 @ 6.38p04

  4. haha you dunno how to sweep! And you think I’m odd.

    Comment by patbrunet — April 27, 2006 @ 6.38p04

  5. one of the qualification needed to become boss is being dumb ass! & you better go to some swooping class!

    Comment by Hell Boy — April 27, 2006 @ 6.38p04

  6. I agree with hell boy. All bosses have to be dumbasses. It’s an unwritten rule. =)

    Comment by mixednuts — April 28, 2006 @ 6.38p04

    • That’s a lie! If you’re a boss and go around being a dumbass to your employees, you could get your ass handed to you.

      Comment by Anonymous — June 7, 2014 @ 6.38p06

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