April 9, 2006

Paraniod Mum? Or something deeper….

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Dear Sandra and co,

My Mum wants to say hi. yes, the shame. She sat down with me today and read through my blog {to determine whether or not you lot are a bunch of crazy kidnappers}, and in all honesty, I think you passed the test. Which, I might add, has become increasingly hard to do since I reached the teenage years. So congratulations!

I had work again today. Amazingly, no burns. I also had better make this a short one as my estranged uncle is coming for dinner, and I ought to go and make myself a little more respectable. Will post asap, xx chick



  1. So your mum thinks internet peoples AREN’T a bunch of crazy kidnappers? hahahahahaha.

    Excellent, you have her completely fooled.

    Comment by Mr Angry — April 9, 2006 @ 6.38p04

  2. Tell you Mum I said “hi” from our fair state of Texas. I have raised 1,003 children. Now tell me why in the hell, I’d want to kidnap another? I attract them like a magnet. 😀

    However, I happily adopt you. You now have 2 brothers, 1 sister, me and Lonnie for your long distance American family.

    Comment by Mom — April 10, 2006 @ 6.38p04

  3. You may not like this, being a young person and all. But, I think your Mum is great, Gina thinks so too. Because she is looking out for your welfare and cares what you are doing. Keep it up MUM!

    Will you ever forgive me? 😦

    Comment by jcoftw — April 11, 2006 @ 6.38p04

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