April 6, 2006

I am….

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Not only is this {I am} the shortest complete sentence in the English language, but it is about to turn into the most deep and meaningful post I have ever written on this blog {Indeed, far more deep and meaningful than I had planned on creating when I first logged on today}.

I guess, I just wanted to say "I am….. Me." and you are you. No matter how hard you, or anyone else tries to change it, you will always be you- whether you're a pot-smoking hippy, a surly bussness-man or simply a loving mother to her children.

This wasnt sparked by anything in particular {that is to say, I havent witnessed anything life-changing in the past 24 hours}, only, I just feel that, everyone tries to change- consciously or not, everyone tries to change for someone else.

Oh, Christ. Look at me{ok, not actually look} , I'm crying.

From this moment, you all as my witnessess, I swear I will never change. I will grow, I will blossom. But I will not change. You can count on that.



  1. i love this. it hit me right away.

    i can feel a strong urge inside me to be something different than i am, but i know change isn’t what i need, only growth. thank you for saying this so succinctly. your raw emotion is inspiring

    Comment by grayflanneldwarf — April 6, 2006 @ 6.38p04

  2. The only thing that is constant in this life is change…..stolen from,,,I can’t remember who.

    I agree 100%, do not change for anyone else. No one is worth losing a tiny fragment of oneself for. But grow, blossom, evolve. Change for yourself into the best, most beautiful you, that you can be.

    Comment by jcoftw — April 6, 2006 @ 6.38p04

  3. Change can be a good thing, but the timing has to be your own. Anyone who thinks you need to change, or has a problem with who you are, has to deal with thier problem. Sorry bout thier luck!.. Be who you are, and be happy!!!

    Comment by bofhjr716 — April 6, 2006 @ 6.38p04

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