April 29, 2006

This was my day- Don’t read it if you don’t care.

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I just got back from Pete's. I spent the day with him and Mr. M. 😆 those guys are so much fun.

We made fun of Gerald on MSN, then surfed the net for random crap to laugh at. I showed them the Llama Song– Mr. M was on the floor laughing. 🙂 Then, when Mr. M went home, Pete and I watched Harry Potter 3.

All in all, I had heaps of fun. Teenage boys can be a major pain, but they can be the bomb too. 🙂 Ah, men- can't live with em, the human race wold die out without em. 😆

xx chick


April 28, 2006

Loud Sneezers

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Do you know what really, really, annoys me? People who sneeze loudly. I prefer to call them "sneezeilla", or "sneezy-mc-sneeze", or sometimes, if I'm in a less-forgiving mood, I'll call it the "Hiroshima Sneeze" (yes, I know these names aren't funny, but haha-screw-you-don't-comment-on-my-blog-if-you-don't-like-it).

And I'm not talking about the regular a-choo. Or even the Aaaahhh…… choo! I'm talking about the srew up all your facial orifices, cover your ears, run-for-cover-if-you-value-your-facial-construction, all out, no warning, barely-enough-time-to-get-out-of-your-seat, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-choooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reason I bring this up is that, while on holiday, I was sitting in a restaurant (yes, a restaurant full of people trying to enjoy a quiet meal), when my Step-dad's mothers bf (better known as Dunc), decided he'd do a Hiroshima Sneeze. For a moment, everything went quiet. The entire restaurant turned our way. I could feel my face burning in shame. I swear a few of the people nearest to us, who caught the full blast even said

"What the fuck was that?"

It was humiliating.

And I thought- why does he do that? I know he could've made that at least three decibels quieter. And I thought, my granddad does the same thing. Maybe, I thought, a crazy theory forming in my head, it's like a macho thing for males nearing the elderly retirement stage of their lives- kinda like when monkeys beat their chests and howl loudly- as a warning to other males in the vicinity (or, in Dunc's case- in the entire of Australia)……

Have I uncovered the secret to old men's comunication?


Crappy-turned-awesome outing (Saxons’ an atractive asshole)

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Dear fellow morons,

I had such a great evening. We (Christy, Bj, Mr.Macedonia, Peter, Donna and myself) went to the town "fair". From the moment we got there it was destined to be crap- three rides and a couple of stingy games- but you know me- always making things fun. 😆 I went on the "Tumbler" with Peter, while Christy and Bj went, and Donna was by himself. When we finally convinced Mr. macedonia to have a go, he went with Peter, and I went again with Christy. To be honest, even though I consider myself a bit of an "adrenaline junkie", I felt rather I'll.

 I had a go at the Basketball game and won a pink hippo, and then I won a pig in the darts game 🙂 pure skill!

After about an hour we headed to the petrol station and bought some junk food, before catching a movie- "Firewall". It was really crap. Bj and Mr. Macedonia were flirting like crazy (I had to remind her that she already had a bf), and Christy was txting the whole time on her new flashy phone.

Then we came back to my place, where we traded jokes and played "Bullshit" (you know, the card game). When Bj's dad picked her up, Donna and I drove Peter and Mr.M back to Peter's place, and Christy back to hers(which wasn't hard, as they live on the same street. How do you say 'convenience?').

All in all, I enjoyed getting out of the house for a while, even if it was to the crappy fair and the even crappier movie. 🙂 xx chick

p.s. Don't you hate it when your bf's friends are assholes? Saxon rang today and I answered Pete's phone, and then he demanded that Pete ditch his plans to go and hang with him. ?!wtf?!

So, of course, I told him how it was (which went somewhere along the lines of

"No, he can't hang with you guys. He's busy with me tonight"

"I dont give a shit"

"Well, I do, and you should. He's got plans with us, ok?"

-beep,beep-(phone goes dead)-beep,beep-)

Moron! Did you just hang up on me? Grr…. thats my dose of angry for today.

April 27, 2006

Ellie is a Mum…. again.

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Guys- you had to be the first to know. Ellie(my chihuahua) has had her puppies. She had 2 boys, who are both very white, and a girl, who is black. Even though they look like mice, they are majorly cute.

Exciting, huh?

Actually, the birth process itself was a little disgusting. Without going into too much detail, the puppies are born in sacks, and the mum, er, eats the sacks. It's really quite gross. And wrong. And vomit-inducing…..

I now have 5 dogs in my house. I'll keep you updated on their progress.

xx chick

What’s your obsession? Part #1

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I was reading a post today on divide, and I have noticed that he has a slight obsession with the ass. Not in a dirty way, just the farting and pooping part. Seriously. Now, I think it is really weird. Every post, I mean every post, is about pooping or farting (or making fun of other people). It's great! He's an ass-obsessed nutjob. (Don't worry, he's not very likely to read this, but if he does- mate, you know this is how it is :))

Anyway, enough bagging out the poor guy. What I wanted to say was, he's obsessed. This provoked me to think about what I am obsessed with. I didn't have to think long;


I have loved fairies forever. My entire dressing table is covered in ornaments, I have them hung on my wall, I even have a fairy which I made from scratch last year. I'm not afraid to admit it- I'm obsessed. It's nutty. I scope out things that are fairy-ish when I go to the shops, my friends all think I'm stuck in my pre-teens(but still buy me fairy birthday gifts anyway), and, quite frankly, it'll never be enough.

And I'm not the only one. Of this I can be sure- each and every one of you has an obsession of some kind-what is it? And I want crazy things, people!

Not smoking or drinking(though you can write that if you have nothing else), and I'll bloody kill anyone who dares to write in sex (you're not that hot- you probably do it once a week if you're lucky, get over it.)

So yeah. This is my social experiment and I want you all to take part. xx chick

April 26, 2006

Funny Fat Man- Worth the Waste of Time…

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For all you wierd bored idiots like myself who are up at 12.30 am like me, here's another stupid video of why you shouldn't let fat men near web-cams.

Bored Fat Man

Ps- in a horrible way, this guy reminds me of my bro- God Bless. I'm actually looking forward to this fair thing.

Crappy Crew-People

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I have had an AWFUL night at work.

– First and foremost, I was on MAINTENENCE. Cleaning toilets, emptying bins, mopping, sweeping, mopping,sweeping…. ggrrrrr! So I worked my little ass off trying to get it all done. I finished at 7.30, and told my manager, Nikki, that I was done. She said she'd check it.

– Secondly, my co-worker Becca is a bitch. Thats all there is to it.

"You can't be finished so soon. You mustn't have done everything."

"You haven't wiped the bin cavities. I looked at them myself."

"You're not doing anything!"

I was ready to bitch slap her and drop her on her hole.

– When 9'oclock rolled around (my finishing time), Nikki still hadn't checked the maintenance, meaning I couldn't go home. She fiddled about and did her paperwork. 9.05, 9.15….

"Can I go home, Nik?"

"No. I'll check your maintenance now."

Turns out I hadn't "swept properly". How the hell can you sweep wrongly, might I ask? I mean, sweep,sweep,swoop?

Anyway, I lost it. Turning to both Nikki and Becca, I hissed;

"Why couldn't you have told me at 7.30? When I finished? Not at 20 past 9, when my brother is tooting the horn outside. I was supposed to finish at 9."

Nik did that stupid face (you know, the fake confused one 'huh?'), and told me

"Well, you'll have to go home and I'll just stay back and finish it by myself"

So I left.


The Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

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OMG guys, this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Donna (yes, the embarrassing fair-brother) suggested, a put a link to it on my blog. I said,

"Why, so people can think I am severly retarded?" he said


So here it is. The Llama Song

Hope that link worked. xxchick

Screw You, Chihuahua Haters!

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I have two chihuahuas- Ellie and Max. When Ellei has pups we send them to friends of ours, who sell them and send us the proceeds. In a way, we're kinda like breeders…

Anyway, as I look into my loungeroom, I can see Ellie, who is very pregnant at the moment(due any day now), preening herself with her front paws… And Max, who's a bit of a retard(in the nicest way), trying to eat his own leg. It's pretty cute.

The reason I say this is because, when anyone asks what type of dogs I have, and when I reply "chihuahuas", their immediate reaction is to screw their faces up in disgust, like they have stepped in horse manure.

"Aren't they ratty-looking things?"

"Gross, they have huge eyes, right?"

etc,etc. Everyone has somehow got the impression that they are hairless little ratty yap-yap dogs. And it annoys me. Especially when they see the dogs and say

"Aaaw, they're so cute!"

"Not at all what I expected"

Well of course they're not, you moron! Dogs are like people- some are ugly, some are not. How would they like it if I said, "Gross, you have a grandma? Does she have a beard?" Well, they would not like it. But you see, I wouldn't say that, because

a} I am not rude

b} I am not an idiot, and I know that not all grandma's have beards, and that there is every chance that their grandma is thouroughly beard-less.

So you see, I get offended when people judge my dogs before meeting them. And I have but one thing to say to those people-

Screw you, Chihuahua Haters! (and fuck you in the neck with a butterknife)

April 25, 2006

Yet another Happychick issue- How to escape a looming embarrassing family outing…..

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My brother Donna {nickname, obviously}, is a great guy. Really. He's several years older than me {3 to be exact}. Practically an adult. He's always been a bit of a…. reject, for lack of a better word. Always a bookworm. Always an A student. Always bullied. Always a little overwieght. Not so much into the social thing. He finished school before we moved, so, he hasn't really had much of a social life going on since we got here. Which sucks. I mean, poor guy, right? Meeting people is alot harder than it sounds.

But that is not my problem. Is it?

The reason I bring this up now is that there is a fair in town. Me, Bj, Mr. Macedonia and my bf had planned to go this Friday. It was destined to be fun. Until Mum, the peace-keeping-tries-to-make-everyone-happy person she is, "suggested" that I take Donna along. Now don't get me wrong, he's not anti-social, doesn't have a disability and isn't over-embarrassing, but COME ON. A fair. With my mates. In public. With my brother?!

 But me, the kind, loyal, sweet, caring and delightful person that I am, invited him along. So now I have a complete evening trying to make forced cnversation with my mates and my bro at the same time. 🙂 Don't you envy my life?


p.s. I'm not an awful person- mess with my family and you die by butter-knife. But picture it like this- taking your nappy-wearing nanna on a date to a nightclub with you and your crush, then having to change that nappy. That's how I feel.

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