March 31, 2006

Stingy Letter-writers

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Have you ever taken the time to write someone a long, detailed letter, and when they write back, their letter is not only shorter, more boring and less detailed than yours, but also arrives a month after you sent theirs! Well, this very thing happened to me today. My grandma {who, I might add, lives in the bush and is a little off-centre}, wrote me the lamest letter I've ever had the misforutne of laying my eyes on. The most exciting thing she said was that her dog said hi. ???? What a waste of a peice of paper. xxhc


Back Again!!!

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Yes, I'm addicted- I may well be writing to myself, but the fact remains that it could be read by those in the outside world…. Oh yeah!!! I'm going on holiday soon, to my old city. I'm so excited it's killing me. The plan is to rock up at my mates house and yell "surprise!", then hope for the best- assuming she doesnt drop me on the spot. xxhc

March 30, 2006

1st Entry!!!

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Hi…. I'm new to the blogging thing- and not at all sure what to write. If you stumble upon this on your search for something worthwhile, please take a mo to read on, as I'm sure I'll say something deep and meaningful soon….. On second thought, no. You'd be better off saving your time and continuing on doing- whatever you were doing.

I'm not sure why I've decided to start a blog- it's not as if I'm incredibly famous, super-goodlooking or hyper-intelligent- I'm just an average person with an average life, who happens to think themselves quite good in the area of English….

Actually, I quite hope this gets read- just so that people out there- you, for instance, know I exist, sitting at my desk in my pyjamas, writing a letter to no-one…. It's kinda mind-blowing, if you think about it. lol. Well, that's about all….. xxhc

March 26, 2006

Screw you, Chihuahua- haters!

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Good Morning Guys! School Holidays are drawing to an end- yes, this time next week I'll be in those stingy little classrooms, throwing paper at the ceiling fan and the like.

My best friend text me the night before last in tears(now, I could tell she was in tears, because all her ritim ws messd p n i cld hrdley tll wt sh ws sayn), telling me that her brother had run away. I mean, what do you say to that? I did my best "It will all be alright, this isn't your fault, etcetc", but then Desperate Housewives came on and that became so much more interesting. That said, I worried that she'd have a mental breakdown or something (she's very emotional). All in all a pretty stressful affair.

 All the teams I tipped for Footy Tipping(Aussie Rules) lost. Whats funny is everyone around me chose the same ones in a hope for winning (can't see why- I never pick the right teams). Oh, this was at school, btw. We have footy tipping and at the end of the year who-ever got the most games right wins a prize.

My friend Christy got back from holiday yesterday. Poor girl. She got conjuntivitis the first day she was there, then got a flu, then it rained for every day of her trip. 😦 It'll be good to have her back.

As I look into my loungeroom, I can see my chihuahuas, Ellie and Max, dozing on the floor. It makes me laugh. Ellie is pregnant- she is due any day now. she looks like a sphynx she's so fat. 🙂 I can't wait to see the puppies- they're always very cute when first born. Most people think chihuahuas are ugly little ratty yap-yap dogs. Then they meet mine. They're cute! I'm being serious. Screw-you, chihuahua haters.

So, I'm just rambling on now and if I'm not careful I'll put you all off reading my blog. Stay safe, I'll try hard to say/do something worth writing about tonight. xx chick

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